Lineville Technology

By Aidan Lemorande

Typing Web

In Typing Web it taught me to type faster more accurate and just a better overall typer. One thing I really liked about Typing Web is the test at the end it really tested your endurance. Another thing I liked about Typing Web was the courses. They had a point of completing them.


iTrailer was very exciting and fun. But I didn't like the software it was very simple but did not give much editing choice for the user. I also didn't like the text because you couldn't change the font.

Haiku Deck

I like Haiku Deck because you got to talk about your dream job. I didn't like it that much because it was kind of boring. You also got to see others dream job.

Go Animate

Go Animate was very fun and exciting! I like how it was cartoons. You could also go very deep in to the editing. I also liked how you could make them talk.

Career Locker

I like it but not to much. I liked it because you could research your dream job and see others. I didn't like it because there wasn't as many games as in 5th grade. I like how we could take test and it would give us suggestions.

Explain Everything

I liked explain everything. But I didn't like the unit it made it seem kind of boring. I liked the question but when you talked into it everyone pressured you. Overall it was I liked the app but not the unit.