My Sugar Skull

By Alexis Thongsamouth

Before I Start ~

My Sugar Skull is a paper mache' sculpture. It is inspired by Mexican Folk Art. The Sugar Skull is used to celebrate Day of the Dead which is on November 1st and 2nd. Its when people come together and create art pieces to honor deceased family members/ loved ones. This tradition has been going around for centuries.
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Inspiration !

The design I chose for my Sugar Skull were dark colors ( purple, blue, black, and red ). I got this idea from the holiday name "Day of the Dead". The pattern for my skull is random because I didn't want it to be predicable. The colors are also random to make a galaxy look to it with a few white tiny stars.

My Refection On My Sugar Skull . . .

I personally think my skull was a success. I did make a lot of mistakes but I managed to get the color / pattern that I like. I think "Day of the Dead" is an amazing holiday for people to gather together and celebrate both existent and deceased ( mainly ) with their own creation. This Sugar Skull is really a unique one due to the mistakes that I have made and the colors that have been born. This traditional Folk Art is really interesting and fun to be apart of.