Latin American Revolution

Spain- 1808 to 1820


Unfair laws and angry people call for a revolution! Come help the Spanish overthrow the government and make the new rule a democracy!

Who revolted?

It was led by Miguel Hidalgo and the thing that most of the people had in common was that most of them were creoles. They were Spainards born in Latin America ranked second in their class/caste system.

Why did they revolt?

The king was removed and the people felt all of the power was shifted into their hands.

How did they organize?

The idea to organize was spontaneous because Napoleon replaced the king. This caused people to argue and rebel.

How did the people overthrow the government?

Bolivar led 2,000 soldiers through the Andes to what is now Colombia. In 1821, Bolivar won Venezuela's independence

How did the government respond?

The government argued with the rebels decision to make the new government into a democracy.

How was the government the same or different following the revolution

Soon after the revolution, people that didn't have the same sense of equality as the revolutionists, took over.


1- Why did the Latin American revolution occur?

2- What people took part in rebellion?

3- After reading the website above, who was the "godfather" of the Latin American Revolution?