Return to School Plan March 2021

Cheyenne Elementary - Parents

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Welcome Back to Traditional Face to Face Learning!

Hello Cheyenne Families,

Please read through the information below, as there is a lot of procedures that are addressed for a safe return to the school building. If everyone follows the procedures, we can make our traditional face to face program a success!

This communication will include procedures, protocols, and expectations such as:

  • The complete Chippewa Valley Schools Return-to-School Guidelines
  • Process for late arrivals/early dismissals/material drop-off
  • Volunteers and parents will not be entering the building (unless in an emergency medical situation)
  • Other procedures (lunch, arrival/dismissal, mask wearing, clinic procedures, recess and specials)
CVS Return to School Guidelines 2021

These guidelines were developed with the guidance of the Macomb County Health Department. Our plan is based on these parameters.

Plan to Return

On Wednesday, March 3rd, the CVS Board of Education approved our Return to School Plan which allows elementary students to return to a traditional face to face on Wednesday, March 10th. We will follow the schedule below, where Fridays are remote through April 16th. We will return to a 5 day week on April 19th.

On Monday, March 8th and Tuesday, March 9th, teachers will be provided planning time and professional development. LESSONS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED/CLASS MEETINGS WILL NOT BE HELD.

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Classroom Resources & Set-Up

Seating Expectations:

  • All students need to be in the same seat for the entire school day
  • Traditional seating needs to be at least 3-6' apart, facing the same direction when possible
  • Flexible seating needs to be at least 3-6' apart, facing the same direction when possible

Classroom Materials:

  • Avoid using shared materials. Anything shared by students will be cleaned.
  • Books should be placed in book boxes, desks, or school bags


  • Interior classroom doors will be kept open for ventilation, but locked to limit the amount of touching

Miscellaneous Items

  • Soft-touch items will be stored

Masks/Face Coverings

Please send your child to school each day with two masks. If your child does not have a mask the school will provide a disposable one. Masks MUST be worn by all students and staff members on school buses and throughout the school day, with the exception of lunch or recess.

When students are at lunch and outside for recess, face coverings may be taken off and stored in a zip lock bag (provided by the school). If a student does not have a face covering, one will be provided. Please label your child's face covering with their name. A lanyard will also be provided for all students. Teachers and staff will implement breaks throughout the school day while practicing social distancing.

Students that cannot medically tolerate a mask must complete the district’s medical waiver process before they are allowed to attend in-person learning. Please visit the District’s COVID-19 webpage for information.

How to wear a fabric mask safely

Arrival and Dismissal


  • School Starts at 9:00 AM and will end at 3:44 PM
  • Adults will remain outside the office/building at all times, unless a scheduled appointment or there is an emergency.
  • It is suggested that parents remain in their car and phone in rather than approach the building when possible
  • At this time, volunteers will not be allowed in our building
  • There will not be after school events held at the building until further notice
  • An area will be set up in the vestibule for drop-off area and sign-out/sign-in
  • Chippewa Valley Schools will be using a self-screener developed by the Macomb County Health Department. Parents/guardians are expected to screen their child(ren) before leaving for school or sending them to school. A copy of the screener is available on the district website.

Student staggering times for grade level dismissal:

  • 3:33 PM K
  • 3:36 PM 5th
  • 3:38 PM 4th
  • 3:40 PM 3rd
  • 3:42 PM 2nd
  • 3:44 PM 1st

Half Day

  • 11:44 AM K
  • 11:47 AM 5th
  • 11:49 AM 4th
  • 11:51 AM 3rd
  • 11:53 AM 2nd
  • 11:55 AM 1st

Please see the map below for Arrival and Dismissal areas. There will be yellow circles painted on all entrance walkways for students/families to socially distance. We are trying to keep large groups of people from forming, so please follow our plan and continue to practicing social distancing. Students and staff will also follow the ONE WAY Hallway arrows throughout the school building.

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Bussing Procedures

2020 Bus Disinfecting at CVS Schools

Parking Lot Procedures

  • We highly suggest parents keep kids in their cars until our building opens
  • Parents cannot drop students off prior to 8:45 AM
  • If parking in the North parking lot, please wait to release your child until 8:50 AM
  • Socially distanced markers have been painted outside the building for students and families to practice social distancing
  • Busses will release students at 8:53 AM (first bell)
  • Teaching staff will be available during this time period to assist in arrival.
  • We will be looking at altering some parking lot procedures, if needed.

Student Movement Around Building

  • Map with directional access (Please review and follow)
  • Arrows/signage is applied to all floors around the building to help with social distancing and directional movement
  • Materials (i.e. band-aids, tooth necklaces, ice-packs) will be housed in the classrooms to limit movement through building for non-emergency situations.
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Signage Around the Building

Signs will be posted:
  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Entrance Doors (masks required)
  • Hallways


  • Specials teachers may push into the classroom or hold class in their classroom.


  • Flow of traffic into and out of the cafeteria of students is one-way and will remain the same as in past years
  • Seating Plan - every child will have an assigned seat in the lunchroom
  • Seating Stickers for seating - 4 students per table
  • Children need to wash hands/sanitize before and after lunch
  • No lunch wagons will be used in the lunchroom

Seating Arrangements

  • 4 colored number stickers will be placed at each of the 20 tables - this allows for all students to social distance while eating
  • The MPR will also be used as a lunchroom to socially distance all students
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Recess Procedures

  • Map of recess areas is broken up by zones
  • Teachers will be monitoring recess during scheduled recess times.
  • Teachers need to clear their students from the assigned area within the recess time period to allow the following groups access
  • Play areas will be rotated so that students have access to multiple areas throughout the week - grade levels who share lunchtimes will determine a schedule
  • Children need to wash hands/sanitize before and after recess
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School Visitors

  • Area set up in vestibule if access is absolutely necessary
  • Materials will be dropped off in the vestibule by families
  • Families are to stay outside for tardy/late arrival and early pick-up and contact the front office through the buzzer system for further directions

Clinic and Health Concerns

  • Clinic - There are 2 established areas in the building - Clinic and Safe Room
  • When appropriate, staff will walkie office for assistance
  • Daily Medication distribution - Students will come down to get their medicine from the Clinic

If your child will require medication in the clinic, please note there have been some changes. If your child takes a daily morning medication administered first thing in the clinic, I ask that medication be given at home prior to coming to school. There has been no change to later AM medication or to PM medication. This is to reduce the amount of foot traffic in the building.

If your child requires a nebulizer treatment this must also be done at home. Due to the aerosolizing effects of the breathing treatment Cheyenne clinic cannot accept nebulizers at this time. If the current guidelines change you will be notified.

Medication drop off procedure: Please call the office and a staff member will come outside to collect the forms and medication.

All forms are located on our Cheyenne webpage under the clinic tab.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or 586-723-5017

Thank you,

Jennifer Mannino

Cheyenne Health Clinic

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Building Cleaning

  • Bottles of hand sanitizer for each classroom
  • Every classroom will have a spray bottle with ingredients labeled (7% alcohol/93% distilled water)
  • This option does not replace custodian cleaning - custodians will refill bottles as necessary
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned by custodians.

Water Bottles & Drinking Fountains

  • Students can bring water bottles - all bottles must be labeled with student name
  • Water fountains in hallways and classrooms are turned off


  • Cafeteria restrooms will be closed (determine process for emergencies)
  • Hallway bathroom procedures - socially distance during bathroom breaks
  • Teachers will have students use the bathroom prior to recess/lunch

Treats/Birthday and Daily Snacks


  • No birthday treats (food or non-food items) from the outside

Daily Snacks:

  • Teachers will develop own system within classroom
  • Allergies will be considered and families informed, if necessary


  • Target date to open is March 15th
  • SACC will follow the LARA guidelines (same guidelines as Little Turtle)