Francisco Pizzaro

Spanish Conquistador

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Riches in Tawantinsuyo

Pizarro first went to the New World in 1524, but he had troubles with the natives and left empty handed. From November 1526 to late 1527, Pizarro embarked on a bigger second expedition. He split his crew and the pilot took half of the command. On the coast of Ecuador, the captain made contact with the Incas. The Spaniards searched their ship to find many riches. Pizarro had no idea of the captain's situation, but instead was having problems with his own men.

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Conquistadors in Tumbes

Pizarro and his men stayed on Gorgon island for seven months. Captain Ruis' Indian translators led the conquistadors to Tumbes, their hometown.

Smallpox & Civil War

Around 1582, the Spaniards brought smallpox to the Inca Indians. It even affected the leader. As his health declined, civil war broke out among supporters of each of his sons.

To Discover and Conquer

Pizarro returned to Spain to seek approval for the conquest of the Inca. He showed the King fine Peruvian goods and was very well received. On July 26, 1529, Pizarro received permission from the queen to discover and conquer. They also gave him the governorship of Peru.

Pizarro enters Tawantinsuyo

By the time Pizarro returned to Tawantinsuyo, it had already been destroyed by the civil war. Atahuallpa knew of Pizarro's army, but he decided to focus on his brother. Pizarro's army was very small, with only 164 men.

Encounter at Cajamarca

According to Titu Cusi, the nephew of the king, the Spaniards rejected a ceremonial welcoming. Tensions rose. Atahuallpa told them to wait for him at Cajamarca.

Arrest of Atahuallpa

When Atahuallpa arrived, Pizarro sent forth Friar Vicente Valverde. Valverde told Atahuallpa that the Christian faith was the true religion and asked the Incas to renounce their gods. Atahuallpa questioned as to why Valverde had authority to decide which religion is true, so he said to give him the book so he could listen to it for himself. Obviously, the book did not speak, and Atahuallpa threw it on the ground. Valverde announced that the Incas were against Christianity. The Spaniards attacked, killing many unarmed people.

Ransom of Atahuallpa

While in captivity, Atahuallpa realised that the Spaniards merely wanted gold and riches. To free himself, he offered them a large amount of gold.

Execution of Atahuallpa - Spring 1534

Before Atahuallpa's release Pizarro found out that Huascar had been killed by some Incas. Atahuallpa was put on trial for treason. He was executed after being found guilty. Pizarro marched on some Inca cities and conquered them before long. The Inca fought well but did not have european weapons.