Lineville Technology

By Trevor Nys

Typing Web

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-Typing Web helped me a lot with my typing.

- It helped me with typing a lot faster.

-It also helps keep me focused in class.


-We did a couple of projects on Itrailer.

-I used Itrailer before and I didnt know a lot about it know i do.

-I will definetly use Itrailer again

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Haiku Deck

-I like haiku deck a lot.

-Haiku deck is one of my favorite project apps to use.

-Haiku Deck was awesome because you could add pictures right on haiku deck.

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Explain Everything

-I didn't really like Explain Everything.

-It helped me a little bit.

I liked some of the other apps better.

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Go Animate

-Go Animate was my favorite app of them all.

-I liked how you could have people that talked.

-I liked how it made it seem more real.

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Career Locker

-Career locker was my other favorite.

-I liked how it kinda gets you ready for when you go to college to give you an idea of what you wanna be

-I also liked that it told you the pay of the job

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