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New Invention In 1827! Be one of the first to try it!

The Stagecoach is a new amazing invention by Abbot Downing Company. New means of transportation for all.

The Stagecoach has both pros and cons. Here are some of each.


  • Beautiful Rides
  • Luxurious Surroundings
  • Beautiful Scenic Routes
  • Privacy With Curtains
  • Skillful and Courageous drivers


  • Bumpy Ride
  • Rough, sometimes rude drivers
  • Danger from Road Agents and Indians

How Did The Stagecoach Impact ND and The importance to the West

People liked the idea of being able to ride in something like a carriage drawn by horses.

As the idea of the stagecoach spread people in the west decided it would work well for the terrain of the land, and decided to start driving them. This helped people get around much easier without having their own horses.

The Denver Newspaper proclaimed, "The Bismarck route from the Northern Pacific Railway is the best patronized running into the Black Hills." The Industry brought in many job opportunities. Two of the possible jobs are Driver and Horse Groomer.

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