All the languages they speak in is Chinese, mandiren, yue, wu, mindie, minnan, xiang, gan.china.


The religion practiced there is daoist (Taoist) and Buddhist Christian3%-4% and muslim1%-2% china has about 20% of live in china.


The china flag is the national flag of china,one of the largest count.


In china it is mostly suny.or it will be worm in china.


A landmark in china is the great wall of china it was built more than 1,300 years ago.The great wall of china is a really famous landmark.The great wall of china was the longest structure ever built.


China celebrates Chinese new year.In Chinese new year they get a bunch of decerations and put on loud music then dance while there holding or wearing the decerations.and in Chinese new year they put up lanterns too.


Most Chinese ladys would wear a colorful skert.

Intresting info

The astronauts from space can see the great wall of china from space

China sorces

My china sorces are infobits national geographic kids and kids world book and world fact


Some Chinese people eat flys.Chinese people like mandiren orange chicken with nudles on the side of there plate.

Art,music,and dance

In china they make a colorful dragon then they dance to the music with the dragon.