Paper Towns

By John Green


Realistic fiction


Margo roth and Quentin Jacobsen have been friends since they were little. While growing up they seperated their own ways. When margo goes missing Quentin,Ben,Radar, and Lacey go find her with the clues she accidentally leaves behind.

Favorite Quote

"People say friends don't destroy one another. What do they know about friends?"


Teenagers, there is some drama that gets people wondering, its also like a mystery the clues will lead you to her, and also there is a bit not a lot of romance between some characters.

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a great novel. The Fault in our Stars is about a girl (Hazel) who has lung cancer she meets Augustus Waters. Augustus encourages Hazel to read other book, go out more, and have fun.


This book reminds me of the Fault in our Stars because they both are in the realistic fiction genre and both main characters have a huge problem.