Zero change in Sport in Colchester



According to statistics there has been no change in particpation in sport from 2006 to this day. In between those years the figures have been up and down but there was no real significant decrease in particpation in sport. 37.5% of the people who took the survey participate in moderate exercise at least once a week as of october 2012.

Drop out Rates

Hardly no change in drop outs

Since 2005/06 when the first survey was took till the last the survey in 2011/2012 there has been no real decrease or increase in people that partiipate in sport. However, there was a signicant increase in 2007/08 when the total of people who dropped out rose to 44%. the biggest decrease of people who dropped out of sport was in 2009/10 when the percentage was 30%. Today the figure lies at37%.

Prevention Measures

To help prevent the figures in non-participation in sport from rising there are different prevention measures that local authoroties can implement.

1. Make local awards

2. Set prizes

3.Make clubs Cheaper and set deals

4. Make clubs more accesible