Kindergarten Connection

December 11, 2020

Welcome to Our School!

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From Mrs. Healey

Our increased face-to-face model has settled into a regular routine. As we have introduced students to a new routine, I'm reminded the resiliency of our young students. It feels wonderful to be able to provide additional educational experiences for our students. Mitigating risk continues to be at the forefront when planning our learning activities. The staff has done an amazing job with making the most out of our circumstances.

As you know, our district continues to plan for all types of scenarios in these pandemic times. In the near future, we will be using our full remote model to ensure the health and safety of all our students and staff with the potential of more exposures over the winter break. I will be sending a more detailed newsletter at the beginning of next week with all the information about our model. I attached our schedule. Please note that our full remote model and our weather schedule are the same. Again, look for more details next week.

Mark Your Calendars!

December 14 (Cycle Day 4a)

December 15 (Cycle Day 4b)

December 16

  • Remote Learning Day (no cycle day)

December 17 (Cycle Day 5a)

December 18 (Cycle Day 5B)

  • PJ and Movie Day

December 21 (Cycle Day 6a)

  • Remote Learning Day

December 22 (Cycle Day 6b)

  • Remote Learning Day

Tales from the Kindergarten Health Room...

Greeting from your KA Nurses! We certainly hope our KA families are doing well in spite of the topsy turvy year we have had thus far due to COVID. Thank you for working with us as we navigate things together. Things seem to change so quickly regarding recommendations that it is difficult to keep up with. Thank you for hanging in there.

As we are seeing such an increase in numbers of infections, we thought it would be appropriate to share some Covid 19 basics.


It is thought to spread through respiratory droplets or small

particles - such as through coughing, sneezing, singing, talking, or even just breathing. These particles can be inhaled into the nose, mouth, airway and lungs. This is why it is important to wear your mask or face covering OVER your mouth AND nose…to prevent the spread of the virus. Droplets can also be found on surfaces and objects and be transferred by touch. It is thought that this is NOT the main way the virus is spread, but it is still important to maintain good handwashing habits. It is also important to avoid touching your own mouth, nose, or eyes.

Key Times to Wash Hands:

It is best to wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If using hand sanitizer, it should contain at least 60% alcohol.

*Immediately after removing gloves (if wearing for disinfecting) and after contact with someone who is sick

*After blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing

*Before eating or preparing food

*After contact with animals or pets

*Before and after providing routine care for someone


* It is best to wash down the surface area first with soap and water to

decrease the amount of germs

*Follow with the use of a disinfectant (using gloves) to kill the germs that remain


If you are caring for a loved one that is ill, here are a few tips to know…

*Wear disposable gloves when handling their dirty laundry

*Dirty laundry can be washed with other people’s items

*Do not shake dirty laundry

*Clean and disinfect clothes hampers

*Remove gloves and wash your hands right away

If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Our direct line is 717-506-0855.

Kind Regards,

Kathy Bordlemay RN

Amy Baer RN