Levi's Jeans

Invented By : Levi Strauss

About Levi's

Levis Jeans were made official on May 20, 1873. He was born on February 26, 1829. He was born in Buttenhiem, Bavari, Germany. His original name was Loeb Strauss. His father died of tuberculosis when Levi was six. Levi, his mom, and his two sisters left to America two years after his fathers death. The invention of Levis Jeans made it easier for hard working jobs. Strauss traveled out west during the California Gold Rush. He went to San Fransico to sell goods to the mining trade. Jacob Davis wrote to Strauss in 1872 for help. Davis was a tailor from Nevada. He wanted to buy cloth from Strauss so he can make more durable pants.