Den's Meeting with CES Cubs

10/16/2015 During Encore Block - Mandatory for all students

Purpose of this Meeting...

Purpose of this meeting is to inform students of Low Performing Status of School and seek suggestions for school Improvement.

Code of Cooperation

P - Practice Self Control

A - Always Do Your Best

W - Work Together

S- Show Respect

Recite the I Am Somebody Pledge

I Am Somebody!

I May Not Look Like Everybody,

But I Am Somebody.

I Feel Like I Am Somebody.

I Look Like I Am Somebody.

I Act Like I Am Somebody.

Everybody is Somebody to Somebody.

Nobody but Nobody Can Make Me Feel Like a Nobody.

I Am Somebody!

You Are Somebody!

And Do Not Ever Forget It!

At the end of this meetings, students will have...

  • Understanding of Low Performing School
  • Understanding of School Data
  • Grade Level Goal for Reading, Math and Behavior
  • Understanding of Bullying and Consequences
  • List of School Improvements for Math, Reading and Behavior


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