The Environment & Transportation

by Parker Lougheed

The Environment & Transportation

Did you know transportation accounts for 14% of all global emissions? Well, it does and that is a huge problem! Hybrid cars can help lower this along with save natural gases and reduce the use of car production materials such as iron. (Cath Senker, 2009)

Problems With Transportation

A big portion of global emissions come from transportation usage.

Transportation is the third largest source of emissions, as it accounts for a total of 14% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. This is a major problem, and this number will continue to rise if we don't use or find better methods of transportation. (Cath Senker, 2009)

People Are Content & Don't Want To Change Their Transportation

A major problem is people are content with normal cars and trucks, and are not comfortable buying more complex cars. Some of these more advanced cars are electric and hybrid. So, they require a higher degree of technical expertise to use and also to repair if problems arise. (Judy Anderson, Curtis D. Anderson, 2005)

Things We Can Do

What The Government(s) Can Do

There are a lot of things governments can do to help this problem, and we need to tell them that.

• Donate to the development of new, cleaner forms of transportation along with the development of new, cleaner gases.

• Somehow make hybrid and electric card along with cleaner gases cheaper.

• Encourage the creation of new, cleaner forms of transportation.

• Encourage the use of hybrid/electric cars.

• Encourage the development of new, cleaner fuels.

What You Can Do

There is a lot we, as normal citizens can do to help solve this environmental problem through transportation too. Even if you need to travel long distances a lot, you can use things like hybrid or electric cars.

• Ride a bike, run, or walk to your destination instead of drive.

• Use a hybrid or electric car instead of a normal one.

• Use fuel alternatives such as neat ethanol, instead of normal unleaded or diesel fuels.

• Raise awareness about the environmental problems transportation causes.

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