Yippies Counterculture 1968

The Youth International Party(Yippies) were a counterculture group that briefly gained fame as a part of American activism. During the month of August year 1968, they went to protest at the Democratic National Convention. They wanted to end the war of Vietnam, not necessarily the whole war but wanted the United States to end their role in the war. Before the DNC, young peace activists had met at a camp in Lake Villa, Illinois on March 23 to plan a protest at the convetion, and the Yippies were one of the groups. The yippies planned a youth Festival with the goal of bringing 100,00 young adults to Chicago. They first had to get a permit from the city of Chicago to hold a yippie convention. Sadly, the permit was declined but the yippies still came. The yippie festival would show others what the purpose of their group is and what is their idea/plan of being in Chicago and the DNC, also the reasons of protesting and for what cause.

Camping in the park

A day before the DNC had begun in 1968, violence had started to occur. On Sunday August 25th anti-war leaders-which the yippies were also part of-wanted to sleep in Lincoln park and demonstrate outside of the convention site. So they tried getting a permit for this but it was denied. They only got a permit to protest miles away from the Amphitheater. The police had put a curfew for the park and when the parked had closed, they would bomb the protesters with tear gas and with billy-clubs. They did this because they wanted them to leave the park since it was closing time and they didn't leave and couldn't have stayed there. Many people that were in the park and around the park were affected by this because the police were using excessive force that some of the non-protesters like the news reporters, people watching, journalist, etc. In total, 17 news reporters were hurt during to all of this. During all this, the police would see anyone from the press as the enemy. Fights between the police and the protesters wouldn't just occur in Lincoln Park but also in Grant Park.

Amphitheater- it was just a normal theater that is in Chicago. It was the place where the Democratic National Convention was held in 1968


O: The origin of this source would be from CNN. It is from "Miami and the Siege of Chicago" by Norman Mailer. For this website, it does not state the year.
P: The purpose of this is to show the causes of what the YIPPIES did. What lead to the riots, Attempts to move the convention, about the convention, the riot and the aftermath.
V: The value of this is that it can show us what the Democratic National Convention did and what were the causes of it. Who got involved and what people do about it. (e.g. the YIPPIES protested against the participation in the Vietnam war and used the convention as a place to protest
L: This only showed us what the happened during 1968 and sort of the YIPPIES and with the convention. What happened and what was left over. It did not show us the view of the people around the world. Like it may have occurred in Chicago but how would someone from Florida see this.

O: The origin of this website is from a book of University of Chicago Press. It was from pages 1-17 by David Farber. I would say that the year from this text was from 1988 because the copy right of the book was 1988 so it had to be from that year.
P: To show us the birth of the Group. What they did and how they founded the group. How Abbie Hoffman founded the group with Jerry Rubin.
V: The value of this is that it would show us how it was founded and what their plan was in the first place about the group.What were their main goals and what was it that they tried to accomplish with the group.
L: It gives us good details of how the group was founded and who took part of it and who started joining in. It also showed us what their view was about the things that was going on in the media. How were they going to take part of it and support or be against it and if they were going to get involved or not.

O: The origin of this website does not state where and by who it is written by.
P: The purpose of this was to give us a brief information about the YIPPIES. What their view was about the war in Vietnam and how they acted in their protests and what the consequences were.
V: The value of this website was to show us information about the YIPPIES, like what they did. What actions did they take towards the view of the presidency and the participation in the Vietnam war.
L: The limitations for this article is the same as the other ones, they don't really give us a View of how other people around other places saw the view of the YIPPIES and how they viewed the views that the YIPPIES had towards things.

O: The origin of this article was from John Russick. He made this on June14th, 2011. Does not really say much about its origin.
P: The purpose of this article was to sort of show us what flags they used and what Abbie Hoffman thought about Chicago. Also what what they did during the convention as well. It basically kind of had the same information that other articles also had.
V: The value of this was to give us a good view of what they also did. Like in the article,it mentions about the flags that they used. (http://blog.chicagohistory.org/wp-content/uploads/i637801.jpg), ( What they would hold up in the streets. They also give us a brief description about them being in Lincoln Park and the out break that happened between the campers and the police.
L: The limitations would be that they don't really give us a good view of what they really did. They did but not really because they didn't really dig into it and explain about it like the other articles that I read did. But it is also good because it talks about the things that they used like the flags and how their flags looked like. Also their posters, too. They also said that the flags and posters are stored and displayed in a Museum.

Why were people against the USA from being part of the Vietnam war?

The USA was Intending on stopping the spread of communism. So the United States developed a policy that would intervene in the affairs of countries it deemed to be capable to communist influence. Also, the policy led the U.S. to be involved in the controversial Vietnam War. The United States attempted to keep South Vietnam from falling under the control of communist North Vietnam. But the people didn't want the USA to be involved because a guy named Eugene McCarthy had an assumption that the USA would stay in the war. So people didn't want that so they supported McCarthy by protesting. The USA did not have to join the war because it wasn't part of them, it was just part of Vietnam. That is was people looked at it.