Sumatran Rhino

Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis

Behavioral and Physical features

Rhinos use their horns to defend themselves from possible predators. I will provide a safe environment in the zoo with no predators so they can survive and thrive.

The small size of the rhinos are taken advantage of by poachers and are hunted down and killed. I will make the zoo a much more safer place for the rhinos to roam free.

Rhinos mate in territories that males have marked for themselves where they feel safe. And females will not even be biologically ready to make a calf unless they sense a male is near. I'll provide large areas in the zoo with more natural habitat condition so that male and female rhinos can safely have a successful mate and produce more Sumatran rhino calves.

Sumatran rhinos immerse themselves in mud baths to maintain their body temperature and protect their skins from parasites and insects. I'll add several mud bathing areas in the zoo so the rhinos can wallow. Studies show rhinos die from infections if they can't wallow. The mud baths will help them survive and thrive.


Native plants


Why it's Endangered

My animal is endangered from people doing poaching and taking over their land.