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February 7 - February 13, 2021


Tuesday - Dropout Prevention and Reengagement Conference (Dr. Ross)

Wednesday - Principals and AP Meeting (Zoom)

11:30 - PLC Meeting

Thursday - KY Collaborative for Families and Schools (Dr. Ross)

***Staff will return to onsite work on February 16, 2021. The focus will be to plan our return to in-person teaching and learning in March.***


As we prepare to return to in-person teaching and learning all stakeholders have been asked to practice safety of themselves as well as each other. We are all asked to monitor our health as well as the health of our students everyday as to curb the spread of COVID-19. As such we are asked to document our efforts in the form of assurances. All families must sign an Assurance of Personal Health Agreement. The form below must be signed by ALL families of Success Academy and submitted no later than Wednesday, February 19, 2021. Signed forms and be emailed to

Ten Point Grading Scale

A proposal is on the table to switch high schools, middle schools, and programs to a 10-point grading scale. That means, in the near future, a score of 90 to 100 would earn an A and so on. Everyone would make the change at once, so the same rules would apply to everyone. The plusses and minuses would provide stratification within the 10-point frame-work.
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2021 Summer School

Proposed dates for FCPS high school summer school Summer Ignite Program

Session 1

June 8 - June 25

14 consecutive days

4 hours

Times TBD

Session 2

July 6 - July 23

14 consecutive days

4 hours

Times TBD

Session 3

Transition - Jumpstart

July 26 - July 30

5 consecutive days

4 hours

Times TBD

As we plan our extended school schedule we will adhere to these dates as much as possible.

Course Completers

January 24 - February 6, 2021

John (Completed 6 courses)



Antonio C

Heaven (Completed 3 courses)


Aspen (Completed 2 courses)



*Students please log in to the live sessions. Our new schedule is beneficial in helping students complete courses faster.

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Advisory Committee Meeting Dates

The dates below are our meeting dates for the remainder of the school year. Our meeting time is 5:30 P.M. by Zoom for the time being. Hopefully one day soon we are able to meet in the building. Please let me know if the dates and times do not fit within your schedule.

January 28

February 25

March 25

April 29

May 27

June 24

July 29

Zoom links have been emailed as a calendar invitation.

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Home Visit Guidelines

ยท Click HERE to access Pandemic Home Visit Guidelines.

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