Around The World In Eighty Days

Drew Kanicki

Awkward Encounter #1: When Fogg buys an elephant

  • In this event, Fogg is in need of a mode of transportation. The man refuses to sell his elephant, until Fogg offers him a great sum of money.
  • The opposite culture had no interest in Mr.Fogg's journey. They knew that their elephant was a rare item to possess and didn't want to give it up.
  • The opposite culture probably perceived Fogg and Passepartout as unwanted tourists and just wanted them to leave.
  • Fogg and Passepatout could have avoided this encounter by offering a large sum of money for the elephant in the first place.

Awkward Encounter #2: The ritual in which Aouda is supposed to be killed

  • Aouda is in an Indian ritual in which she is going to be burned alive Fogg and Passepartout find this wrong and end up saving Aouda.
  • This act was perfectly okay with the the Indians. This was just a religious act to their gods, even though it was illegal.
  • They also probably got really mad at Fogg and Passepartout for messing up their ritual.
  • Fogg and Passepartout could have avoided this encounter by not cutting through the woods, but they would've been late for their next departure.

Awkward Encounter #3: Fogg has to tell Aouda that her friend is no longer in Hong Kong

  • After making it to Hong Kong, Fogg and Passepartout were meant to drop Aouda off there with her friend. Aouda's friend is no longer there, so they must find something to do with her.
  • Aouda was excited to see her friend, but she is also more than happy to stay with Fogg, the man who saved her.
  • Aouda most likely perceived Fogg as a very nice man and was very grateful to him.
  • The only way Fogg could have avoided this mishap was to not save Aouda, and we all know a gentleman like him would have always saved the damsel is distress.

Awkward Encounter #4: The Americans are debating on they're leader and start to fight

  • Fogg and Passepartout are traveling through America and see a group of people debating and then they get stuck it a large fight.
  • This was completely normal to the Americans because which ever side won the fight would win the election.
  • The Americans just thought that Fogg and Passepartout were unneeded travelers that just got in the way of their debate.
  • Fogg and Passepartout could have avoided this by making a small detour around the fighters.

Awkward Encouner #5: Fix wrongly arrests Fogg for the bank he didn't rob

  • Fogg is in the final stretch of his journey when Fix arrested Fogg for robbing a bank. They then find out that Fogg did not rob the bank, so he is let free.
  • Fix really did believe that Fogg robbed the bank, so he arrested him.
  • Fix thought that Fogg was a master criminal mind who almost got away with stealing thousands of dollars.
  • Fogg could have avoided this by not letting Fix travel halfway around the world with him.