The effect of drugs...

You gamble your money, not your life.


Ecstasy. Marijuana. Methamphetamine. Those are just a few of the deadly stimulants.

Ecstasy- Ecstasy causes clenched teeth and grinding. Not just grinding your teeth like you do in your sleep. Clenching and grinding them to the point that your gums bleed and your teeth fall out. You also get an extremely high temperature. Not just in the 105s. Up to 112 degrees. It's literally cooking your organs.

Marijuana- Marijuana is known as the gateway drug. Meaning it's generally the drug people start on. It also has more carcinogens than cigarettes. That's a lot. Marijuana kills brain cells. So you can literally smoke yourself stupid. That's scary.

Methamphetamine- Also known as meth. Methamphetamine is extremely deadly and highly addictive. You're either addicted immediately or you're dead. That's gambling your life. You gamble your money, not your life. It causes severe dental problems and high body temperature. Also violent behavior. So you could end up seriously hurting someone you love without realizing it.

Ways drugs enter your body- Drugs enter your body four ways. Orally, inhalants, injection, and absorbing.

Orally- When a drug enters your body orally, it going in your body through your mouth. So you could take pills. You could cook a drug into food and eat it. That's all entering your body orally.