St. Joseph Flea Market Update

Flea Market Reaches Nearly $10,000 in Weekly Sales

First Week of October Rakes in $9,967.55

Have you ever wondered how the Flea Market gives over $200,000 to the school annually? Well, the answer is simple: PEOPLE.

People like you and me.

VOLUNTEER: running the register, bagging merchandise, sorting clothes, pricing items, organizing shelves, cleaning the floor and bathroom, setting up merchandise ready to sell, and MORE.

DONATE: clothes, shoes, books, toys, linens, tools, electronics, furniture, collectibles, knick-knacks, decor, purses, sports equipment, appliances, and MORE.

SHOP: Who doesn't like a good bargain that helps a great school?

People are important to the success of the Flea Market - and that's evident in this past week's $9,967.55 in sales. Volunteers show up each week to make this happen. It's not just a coincidence.

It's PEOPLE dedicated to helping St. Joseph School. It's people dedicated to helping YOU - your tuition is directly impacted by the Flea Market. The more people power we have at the Flea Market, the more successful it can be. How can you help? Volunteer, Donate, and Shop!

THANK YOU to all the people who have helped at the Flea Market. THANK YOU to those who have given to the Flea Market. And THANK YOU to those who have shopped at the Flea Market.

If you are interested in becoming a cashier or bagger at the Flea Market, please contact Nicole Rappold 327-1204 (