Emotional Support Strikes

If you are working with any emotional support students throughout the day continue to monitor and record strikes in the Google doc system. This information is a valuable tool to help both track the students progress and/or regression. This allows us to have a conversation as a team about where, when, and why students are behaving in a particular way. A follow up email or conversation is great as well. Thank you for providing these students with the accommodations and supports necessary to be successful at JBMS. Let me know if you encounter any roadblocks or questions in regards to specific students or situations.

Cell Phone Alert

Please keep an eye out for cell phones in your classes. We have already had issues with students taking pictures and using there cell phone at school. This becomes a distraction to student learning and an even bigger privacy issue with posting pictures of other students without the proper permissions. I realize that if there is a will that there is a way but do your best to minimize these incidents. Sharing the dangers, and responsibility of becoming a great digital citizen is more important than ever for this generation of students.