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Wicked Problem Surveys

The U School is a competency-based education school that is driven by personalized and experiential learning. Students are given real world opportunities to apply knowledge and fulfill their greatest potential.

Students enrolled in U School's Highlight Innovation Lab, use design thinking to solve real world problems. Students use media to tackle Wicked Problems, in schools and in our communities-at-large. -Wicked Problems are complex problems that require unique solutions-

We encourage you to complete one or more the surveys featured below. You can also share the surveys with other students and community members. Thanks a lot.

School to Prison Pipeline Survey

Violence is going in many schools .. And people aren't trying their best to to help change things. This survey isn't going to help change violence in schools but it will give you a chance to share your opinion . Thanks for your help!

Wicked Problem Lack of Respect

By : Emiah F. How well do you respect your environment? Please help me learn more about this topic by completing my survey.

Why Be Late

Lateness is a problem for many people. Please fill out the survey below to help me know why.

School Drama Survey

In many schools drama is an every day thing. For the purpose of this survey drama means ( Physical , and Non Physical Conflict ) Fill out my survey so we can learn more how to address drama in schools.

Community Violence Survey

My name is Aundra. I'm trying to learn more about violence in our communities. If you can fill out my survey it will be very helpful Thank you!