Welcome to 7th Grade Science

7A Team - Mrs. Prescott

Our first day of school is quickly approaching!

I'm so excited to meet my new seventh graders. I wanted to send you some important information about our class so we could jump right into our first unit on Lab and Safety Skills as quickly as possible! The first few weeks of school we will be completing many hands-on experiments related to mass, volume and density.

7A Science Materials

The following is the list of necessary supplies for your child to fully enjoy science this year:

  • 1½” or 2” clear-view binder with five dividers (tabs can be labeled 1. Unit Work 2. Notes Topics 3. Review Sheets 4. Vocabulary 5. Save Section )
  • metric ruler (cm/mm on at least one side of ruler)
  • inexpensive headphones/ear-buds in a labeled zip-lock bag (Name- 7A__) to keep in class or be carried in a pencil case each day for multiple classes
  • many pencils with erasers
  • Students may wish to have their own colored pencils and a calculator, but these items are not required.
  • I also request that students please provide one box of tissues for our classroom.
Thank you for helping to prepare your child for a successful year.

7A Science Parent Survey

Please complete this brief survey at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


Please be on the lookout for...

Students will be bringing home a few important items to be signed by you! The first thing you will see is

  • A district wide Student Laboratory Safety Contract, which I am required to keep on file in order for students to complete science laboratories throughout the school year

Later this month you should see a Food Permission Slip and a Science Acceleration Letter explaining this process going into Grade 8.

Materials Collection

Throughout the year, we will be collecting a variety of materials to use for projects in our classroom. Most of these items are things you might be throwing in your recycle bin. Please help out by saving and sending in:

Full-sized Paper Towel Tubes (clean/dry)

Unused Paint Stir Sticks

Empty Thread Spools

Old Phonebooks

I Challenge You...

Conservation is an essential topic during our 7th grade year and something I believe is very important for the future of our planet and children. Throughout the year students will be posed with challenges to try at school and/or at home to help the Earth. These are all backed by science and participation is 100% voluntary.

Our First Challenge:

I challenge you to say NO to plastic "silverware"!

Try to remember to pack a metal fork or spoon for school. You can easily help prevent all that plastic (that is used for mere seconds) from dirtying our planet for hundreds of years.

There are so many good reasons to give up single use plastics. Check out some of them here at http://www.plasticfreechallenge.org/ .

Student News

Coming soon :)

Teacher Site, School Tool and Schoology

On our Teacher Site [ https://www.bscsd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=7058 ] you can find a lot of information about class procedures, materials, units of study, homework, etc.. I encourage you to take a look if you are interested.

School Tool is very useful for finding up-to-date science grades as well as copies of homework assignments and descriptions. These are accessible to both parents and students.

Schoology contains science resources including all our class notes, many activities, review guides and useful links. This makes them easily accessible to students from both school and home.