From Sugarcane to Sugar

By: Malia Rogers


''MMMM" Have you ever wonder whats makes cookies so good and yummy? Its sugar! Come along with me to learn how Sugar is made.


Sugar is made from Sugarcane. A tall tropical grass that grows up to 20 feet high! When all the Sugarcane is grown the top bit of the Sugarcane is chopped off and the bottom is left behind so that it can regrow. Now the Sugarcane is cut into links and shipped in large boxes. Now here comes the factory!


The first thing we do in the factory is the Sugarcane gets washed with a hose and cut into shreds. Next it goes on a conveyor belt and gets crushed really really hard. Now the Sugarcane goes to the separators where the juice gets squeezed out and heads to the evaporators. "Wow! Its hot in here!" The evaporator is run by the Sugarcane fiber. Did you know the evaporator is a pot full of boiling hot water. Now the syrup is thickened by the boiling hot water. After that the syrup turns into sugar crystals witch is you guessed it! crystals made of Sugar. Then it goes into a granulater where the sugar crystals get squeezed out and turn into Dry Sugar Crystals. Now t is pressed, decolorized, and dried. Last but not least the Sugar goes through tons of screens to make it the right size. Now it is shipped in large boxes and now shipped to the store! Keep reading on to learn about the store!


The final product is Sugar! people by it to give flavor,to make it sweet,and aroma! We use Sugar in desserts, candy, foods, and way more but that was just the main things we use Sugar in! Don't stop reading now! We have to get to the fun facts! Keep reading on to see the fun facts about Sugar!

Fun Facts

There are some things you don't know about Sugar! Well now you know what some facts are! The first one is that Sugar has been around for over 2,000 years! Who ever made Sugar is the best person ever! The second one is that Sugar has no bleach or chemicals added! Also, Sugar is made in many different ways! Some people love Sugar because its sweet and it gives you energy! Also, did you know that Sugar is tested in labs to make sure it is safe to eat!


Well now you know how this tasty Sugar is made! So now you can tell your friends! "I have to go! the cookies are ready!"
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