by Celeste

People of the Midwest

This is the founder of the Mississippi River in 1673. Jacques Marquette from New France and his friend Louis Jolliet. Bill Hartwing is one of the many people that help keep the great lakes clean. In SpriingField Illinois Abraham Lincoln was born and raised. Laura Ingalls Wilder was in the book little house on the prairie you read about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life on the frontier.

Midwest home to important and fun places

The Midwest is home Mount Rushmore honoring the presidents Washington, Jefferson, T,Roosevelt and, Lincoln. Cheese followed with other diary products are very important to the Midwest economy. The indianapolis 500 car race is the most famous in the world.

Agriculture on the prairie

At first the farm started small and as the technology started to raise they made machines and before they ate all there crops but know they don't even finish . That made the farms grow. That made more money for the farmers. Now Wisconsin and Michigan cow for there milk that helps them sell other dairy products like cheese to make money.

Change the world

Henry Ford created the first car assembly line. He also created a company named Ford Car company. Detroit Michigan is famous for cars , Toledo Ohio is famous for glass and Minneaopolis for flour mills , Still jobs in the Midwest are changing. In Detroit carmaker Henry Ford spent years researching on how to build cars quickly and cheaply.