First Grade Newsletter

September 4-8, 2017

Important Recess Information

Recess is after lunch from 11:20 - 11:50. Your child may bring his/her water bottle outside to recess. If water bottles are accidentally left outside, your child may check the lost and found for them the next day. Please make sure that your child's water bottle is labeled with his/her name. (The lost and found is located in the cafeteria.)

For the safety of the children while at recess, please do not park or walk up to call your child over to the fence to say hello or talk. If you need to get a message to your child, sign your child out for an appointment, etc., please go to the office first to check in. The office staff will contact the teachers on recess duty to relay the information.

Technology Connections

All of our students now have their iPads. We are excited to start using them for projects in class. Please see the important information below.

1. If you have not had the chance to send in earphones for your child to use, please send them in this week. We will begin using them for istation testing and other projects soon.

2. There have been a large volume of apps being downloaded throughout the state of Texas during the past 2 weeks. Due to this, we have not been downloading apps or updating our iPads yet. We will begin adding apps to your child's iPad soon. Thanks for your patience.

3. If your child takes his/her iPad home each night, please make sure it is returned to school each day. We use them in class daily so it is important to have this tool ready for use.

4. Please make sure your child charges his/her iPad at home each night as well.

Library/Learning Commons Information

Library check out began last week for first graders. Your child may check out up to 2 books at a time and leave them at school to read or take them home. Mrs. VanHook's and Mrs. Moore's classes visit the library on Tuesdays and Ms. Fowler's and Mrs. Helms' classes visit the library on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child brings his/her books back on the scheduled library day so that he/she will be able to check out more. We will also have flexible library checkout during reading time on other days of the week so books could be checked out at other times if your child is interested.

Parent Night Slideshow

If you were unable to attend the Parent Night last Thursday, please use the QR code or link below to access the information shared. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

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Mark Your Calendars

Monday, September 4 - Labor Day Holiday (School holiday)

Thursday, September 21 - PTA Meeting 6:30-8:00 pm

Friday, September 29 - GES Bank begins

Learning Topics for the Week

Reading/Language Arts: Practice reading and writing workshop, Making connections in reading and writing

Math: Collecting Data, Tally Charts, Picture and Bar Graphs

Science: Living and Non Living characteristics

Social Studies: Citizenship and School Responsibilities

Homework Begins

Your child will be bringing home a math homework sheet every day this week. It has Monday through Thursday's homework on it. Please have your child complete the problems for each night and return it in his/her red folder each day.

Reading homework also begins this week. Begin recording how many pages your child reads on the GCISD Reads recording sheet that is in his/her folder. Your child may read a book from school, the library, on an app, or any books from your home library. Literacy groups will begin soon. We will let you know when your child will bring home a book and book bag each night.

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