The Outsiders

Agustin & Joe

conflict/ plot

In this story there are two gangs called The Greasers and The Socs that have an extreme hatred for one another. And along the story the Socs jump the greasers once and a while like Johnny and Ponyboy. And in the beginning of the story it explains that Ponyboy’s parents die in a car accident. So it’s up to Darry to take care of pony and soda with some help with the gang. And in the story Johnny kills Bob because they were going to drown pony and jump Johnny. Then later at a church (where Johnny and pony were hiding from the fuzz) burns down and pony and Johnny help the kids inside (the burning hell) injuring Johnny. And then Johnny ends up dying and dally was destroyed because he cared for Johnny then he robbed a grocery store and a cop shoots him and he dies.


There Is Still Gold In The World