Hurricane Katrina

Josh Zaba

What is the Issue?

Hurricane Katrina was one of the 5 deadliest hurricanes in history. Hurricane Katrina was also one of the 6 strongest overall of a costielist hurricane. 1836 people have died because of this hurricane. This hurricane hit New Orleanes and over 100 people were missing after this disaster.

How is Canada involved and how does Canada participate in this Disaster?

Canada sent a rescue team to this disaster to start operations for hurt people. Canada had saved 30 people in one day and 110 people overall. Canada also sent the red cross which donated over $100 000 dollars. Canada involved 1000 Canadians in the Canadian forces and the coast guard. This hurricane caused over $100 000 000 million dollars of damage.
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How did hurricane katrina form?

Hurricane Katrina formed because the sea was at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way above normal sea level. All the pressure that was above sea level came from tropical fields which had started Hurricane Katrina.
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Why did they send supplies?

Canada sent supplies because USA is Canada's closest neighbor or ally. They sent a variety of things like tents, cots, water containers, toiletries, sunscreen and bug spray, also Canada sent $100 000.
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This hurricane caused lots of damage that had killed lots of people. If Canada would have never came New Orleans would have sadly had more people dead. This hurricane was a giant disaster that we got threw