St. George School Update

March 5, 2021 - We are back!

A Big WELCOME to the following families joining our school community: Sharma Family, Mitchell Family, Andrade Family, Serna Family, and the Pitts Family.

Thank You Parent and Student Volunteers!

Over the last two months, we held three work day (parent service hour opportunities). Our families helped with gardening, putting together picnic tables, building our new science tables, painting, and making our campus as safe as possible as we increase the number of students we have on campus. We would like to thank the following families and students for volunteering on our campus.

Saul and Cristina Juarez

Cecilia Ibanez and Javier Velasquez

Liliana and Alfredo Ruiz

Anna and Rick Hernandez

Juan and Karla Esquivel

Hector Garcia

Sam and Ramon Hinojosa (SGPS)

Sandra and Pablo Corona (SMHS)

Rayner and Kristian Donato (SGPS)

Nayeli (SGPS) and Natalia Jauregui (SMHS)

Thank you so much for your help! We can't do this without you!

If you are interested in working on campus, please call our school office to receive information about our next work day. (209) 463-1540

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Almost a year later....we are back for full day learning!

Enjoying the company of our friends...

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Preparing the kids to return to Friday mass

Celebrating HEALTHY Lunches!

A note about healthy snacks and lunches

Parents, this week we observed three concerns with regard to snack and lunches.

1) There are many unhealthy food items in lunch boxes. Please do not send candy, cookies, chips, juice. Some of our older students were bringing large bags of chips (10 servings) as their only snack.

2) We encourage students to bring WATER in a reusable water bottle clearly labeled with each child's name. Juice boxes, Sunny Delight, Gatorade, soda, are not healthy for growing children.

3) Please send food in easy to open containers and packages. The younger students, in particular, are having a tough time opening their lunch containers. In this pandemic, it is prudent that students are as independent as possible so that no one else has to touch their food containers. If you send food in a package, like a cheese stick, please partially open the package so the child can open the cheese stick on their own.

Please note that our office is closed midday as we are all on supervision duty. We will continue to discuss nutrition and healthy lifestyles with children, especially when we start our school garden.

Our first Friday School Mass this year!

More info coming about our Easter Raffle and Carnival!

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Please continue to wash hands and practice social distancing.