Grade 5 Science

What will it look like at The American School of The Hague

We learn Science by doing!

Welcome to 5th grade Science! Over the course of this academic year you will have the opportunity to learn all about the science behind the miracles of life, from microscopic animals and plants to larger complex organisms such as ourselves. We will also be looking at how animals and plants need each other for their survival and how our planet is always changing.

One of the most important things about being a scientist (which all of you are) is leaning how to carryout science experiments. Scientists have questions and we will carryout lots of experiments to help us understand what goes on around us. We will learn about how to make scientific observations and how to explain what we see.

How will be using technology in the lab?

In science we ask 'why' questions, and in order for us to explain what we observe around us we have to experiment. In your science classes you will be learning by scientific inquiry. What do I mean by this? This year you will be manipulating lots of science equipment to help you find answers. At the American School of The Hague you will also have access to laptops and iPads to help you carry out your experiments.

Some technologies we will be using this year

Lets begin by looking at how we will use iPads!


The great thing about using iPads in the lab is that they are portable. This is good news for us because many of the science experiments we will carry out in grade 5 will happen outside of the classroom setting. iPads connect to the internet in and around our school, so uploading information about where plants grow and the the conditions they grow in is easy.

Technology to show our understanding

In class this year you will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your understanding. Sometimes, I will ask you to use iPad apps like 'Show Me' or 'Educreations' to record how you planned and carried out an experiment. You will all have access to the grade 5 website, and this is where you will show off your work!