The Fault in our Stars

Faith Colyer


Two teens with cancer meet at a cancer meeting Augustus Waters and Hazel Lancaster. Hazel thinks he is cute when she first sees him she knows she dose not have long to live with her cancer so is not looking for anything romantic. They become friends after that first meeting and one thing leads to another they become more than friends. But not ever love story has a happy ending.

List of Characters

Augustus Waters

Hazel Lancaster

Peter van Houten

Mr & Mrs. Lancaster

Mr. & Mrs. waters

Character Analysis: Augustus Waters

Trait 1: Out going

Evidence: he approches Hazel after the group meeting

Trait 2: Charming

Evidence: He makes Hazel fall in love with him

Quote: " ill fight it. ill fight it for you. don't you worry about me, Hazel Grace. i'm okay. ill find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time."


Fall in love, love hard and don't regret anything

Important Event

They go to Amsterdam to meet Van Houten Hazel favorite book author, that's where Hazel falls in love with Augustus.


I would recommend this book for any teen girl that loves romantic books. its very girly i don't think guys would really enjoy it.
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