March 2023 Newsletter

Tisdale Middle & Secondary School

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Principal's Message

We hope that our TMSS families were able to spend some family time together during the long weekend in February. The weather did not entirely cooperate, but I suspect that’s why people in Saskatchewan are so hardy. Nothing like cold weather to show our GRIT.

Our SRC did a fabulous job of organizing a noon hour TeleMiracle carnival for our middle years’ students before the February break. They raised $363 and another $1210 within their classrooms buying Helping Hands. Our staff also donated $190 on a casual Friday.

Thank you to all the donations from the community to our online auction raising money for our TMSS School Grounds Revitalization project. What a generous lot! Be sure to check things out on the Schapansky Auction website. It runs March 1 through to the 7th. And another thank you to Bruce and his staff for helping us our school with this fundraiser!

We are also promoting our bi-annual Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser with our middle years’ students selling products. This money goes directly to our SRC who then use it to support student activities, like sports teams and clubs. The SRC also buy hallway benches and microwaves for students to use.

We will be having a few staffing changes in March. Ms. Keshia Hoffus will be replacing Ms. Macfadden and Mr. Terry Andrusiak will be replacing Ms. Steffen. We look forward to having them part of our TMSS team.

Carmen Messer

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G.R.I.T. Awards

Our Grade 6 GRIT winner is Sylvie St Amant – Sylvie is so happy to be at school everyday and brings joy to anyone in her day. She is a great learner and shows persistence in her learning. She is positive in everything new she learns and is always willing to participate. She is such a great example of what GRIT looks like in our school! Keep up the amazing work Sylvie!

The Grade 7 GRIT award goes to Bailey Mahussier. Bailey shows GRIT by engaging in the learning process, asking questions for clarification, and utilizing feedback provided to her. She accepts the challenges of each class with a positive attitude and a motivation to do her best. She is willing to participate in class discussions in order to share her thoughts and opinions on the task of the day. Lastly, she uses class time available to her to ensure that she is completing and handing in her best work. Well done, Bailey!

The Grade 8 GRIT award winner is Rylan Little. Rylan is a hardworking student who puts a determined effort into all that he does. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to assist others in their learning. His positive energy is contagious, and he brings out the best in those around him.

This months Grade 9 GRIT winner is Kateryna Kachurova! Kate has, for the most part had to do twice the work than the rest of the students as she works to get more familiar with the English language. Since moving here, Kate has continually been a very hard worker and prioritizes her studies. This month she has also had another student join her class that speaks the same language. She has been helpful in making sure they feel welcome and know what we are doing in class. Way to show resilience and togetherness Kate!

The Grade 10 GRIT recipient is Rebecca Mayerle. When Rebecca is not rhythmically dribbling a basketball or draining shots on the court, she continuously strives to improve in all her courses on her timetable. If faced with a challenge, minor or immense, Rebecca puts in whatever work is necessary to grow and be the best student, peer, athlete, and teammate she could possibly be.

The Grade 11 GRIT award this month goes to Robinson Irving. Robbie has a tireless work ethic in everything that he puts his mind to. He works incredibly hard in both shops, as well as football. In the shops he is always willing to help others and is always working to make sure he does his best work. During our football workouts he is a real leader for the team and always makes sure everyone is giving their best effort and has also shown solid improvement himself. Awesome job Robbie!

The Grade 12 GRIT award winner goes to Kole Yarycky. Kole exemplifies GRIT daily by always using his class time to complete his assignments with excellent quality and help any others who require it. Kole is quiet but when he does share his insights he is funny, insightful, and always full of interesting tidbits. Kole is an awesome student, but more than that he is an awesome person whose presence in my classroom makes the people around him enjoy their time at TMSS.

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TMSS School Grounds Revitalization Project

TMSS School Community Council has been busy collecting donations for the TMSS School Grounds Revitalization Project!

A catalog for the online auction of AMAZING items can be found at Bidding opens March 1st and closes March 7th. Don't miss out on these items! Our school, our students and families, and our entire community thanks you for your support!

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TMSS Curling

TMSS Senior Curlers have had a great season!

The team of Ty, Arizona, Ali, Allyssa, Austin went undefeated at NESSAC Curling in Nipawin Feb 8-9. They bring home the NESSAC Championship for the third straight time! This team will move on to Regionals in Watrous on March 3-4.

The team of Jaycee, Brecken, Travis and Adyson lost a heartbreaker in an extra end. This placed them third overall.

Our Jr. Curling teams hosted NESSAC finals on February 13th and the Jr. Girls team won! Thanks to Ms. Scharfenberg for coaching.

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TMSS Basketball

Congratulations to Mr. Thiessen's Junior A Boys Basketball team for finishing 2nd at NESSAC Thursday, February 9 in Nipawin!

Mr. Painchaud's Junior Girls Basketball team finished 3rd in the NESSAC Playoffs on Wednesday, February 15 in Porcupine Plain.

Our Senior Boys Basketball team is heading to Porcupine Plain on Friday, March 3 for a tournament and Martensville on Tuesday, March 7 for a game.

Our Senior Girls Basketball team is hosting a tournament on Saturday, March 4.

Regionals will take place for both Senior teams on March 17th.

Good luck to all of our Tornados!

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TMSS Cleanup!

On Thursday, March 2 our senior graduating class took time out of their day to clean up the Student Parking Lot. Parking lot cleanliness has been an issue year after year and is almost impossible to enforce. We encourage our entire student body to have integrity and be responsible for themselves and their environment. Thank you, students, for keeping our grounds tidy and providing a good example for your fellow classmates. Keep it up!
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Coach Recognition

TMSS is very proud of our teacher coaches. As a coach of school athletics, these teachers spend much of their personal time helping students develop not only athletic skills but also discipline, leadership, and teamwork.

This year, three of our teachers were presented with recognition awards for their time spent dedicated to coaching.

Mrs. Jordann Kovach - 15 years

Mr. Riley Hobbins - 10 years

Mr. Jordan LamMa - 10 years

Congratulations, we appreciate you!