Week of January 11

Grade 5M

Thank You!

I am saving some stamps and paper - I hope you don't mind! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and students for the wonderful class gift given to me. I have already used the gift cards to PJ Whelihans and LOFT. We also used the movie tickets since it was my husband's first trip back to the movies since having spinal fusion surgery a year and a half ago. (He had no idea how comfy the seats have become.) The iTunes card is loaded on my iPad, and I am searching for new and fun things to introduce to the class. My family is thrilled that I won't be cooking and look forward to having take-out from Bistro DeMarino. MyNew Year's Resolution was to try to stop drinking diet soda, but that lasted two days. I was sooo happy to find the 6-pack of Diet Cokes in my fridge for that first week back to school. I am blessed to work with such great kids and super families. Thanks again for thinking of me. Have a wonderful and happy New Year!

Brenda Morrow

Calendar of Upcoming Events, Due Dates, and Reminders

*Talent Show forms are in the Wednesday Folder and were also given to students in the FRIDAY FOLDERS. Please return ASAP.

Tuesday, January 12 - PTA Meeting 7PM

Friday, January 15 - Lesson 8 Spelling test

(The words are homophones so students must know meaning of each word. All 25 words.)

Book Talk due (Students must video themselves "selling" their favorite book.)

FINAL EDITED COPY OF BOOK TALK IS DUE on Wednesday, January 20th at 8 AM

Monday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 19 - Elementary Winter Concert (HTHS 7:30 PM)

Wednesday, January 20 - MONDAY SCHEDULE

Friday, January 22

Lesson 9 Spelling Test

Tuesday, January 26 EXPLORERS TEST

(Lessons 4 and 5) Students should be making notecards, reading and reviewing outline, and rereading sections in their books prior to the test.

Wednesday, January 27 - MATH TEST UNIT 4 (tentative date)

Decimals, coordinates on a grid are concepts

Thursday, January 28 - Family Fun Night (Cherry Hill Skate Center 6:30 -8:30)


  • Please ask to see your child's emails and GOOGLE CLASSROOM accounts. Many assignments are completed on line and are not sent home in the Friday Folder. Sit down and have them explain what they are working on during class. You will be amazed at all they are achieving.
  • Continue to review the work returned. PLEASE make your child redo homework that is sloppy and carelessly done. Students are often given the opportunity to start work in class, but it should still be taken home for parents to see what is happening in class.
  • The upcoming Social Studies test will not be easy if your child doesn't study. We review in class frequently. LISTENING and PAYING ATTENTION is crucial to stay informed and know what is going on and required. Please assist them in reviewing by asking them questions and encouraging them to reread the material.
  • PLEASE encourage independent reading. Students should read every day.