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This upcoming week there will be tons of tournaments, races, and activities. Next Monday there will be a fishing tournament at the Tiber River. The person to catch the most wins 10 Aureus coins. Next Thursday there will be a race to the top of one of the the Apennine Mountains. To participate in the race to the top of one of the Apennine Mountains you need to sign up at the climbing booth in the Forum or just sign up below.

Race to the Top Sign In Form

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 10pm

Apennine Mountains, Gubbio, Province of Perugia, Italy


Julius Caesar's obituary

He was the best and most powerful general Rome has ever had.

He was always so brave in times of grave danger.

I know that if he was still here today he would want us to stay strong and fight.

We will avenge his death.

Pray that he make his way to heaven.

Plebian's Opinion

The law system isn't fair we get arrested for laws we didn't even know existed. Those Patricians need to have a written set of laws in public. So many of us have been thrown in prison for random things and we cant afford to have a lawyer come and stand up for us. This needs to change and soon.

Your, Plebian Society

Interview with Claudius about the Pax Romana

Me: So Claudius how has it been knowing that your reign has been known as the Pax Romana.

Claudius: It feels great Rome the government is stable as well as our army.

Me: and do you think that most Roman citizens like.

Claudius: Well most of them do but there are always some little groups that don't.

Me: How long do you think this form of peace will last?

Claudius: at least 100 years, but who knows it may last for 200.

Me: Well thank you so much for your time here today.

Claudius: You are very welcome.

Me: Alright, bye.

Claudius: Bye.


Did you know that you get all of your water in your comes home from a system called aqueduct. The way that it works is that there is a reservoir holding all the water and in the middle is a big tube called the intake which runs all the water down through the reservoir onto the aqueduct bridge and down into all of the city.

Building Progress

The construction of the Colosseum is expected to be done today at 2 o'clock. There has been a new statue of Julius Caesar that has been constructed in the middle of the forum. The reconstruction of the Hagia Sophia has now begun.

Travel Deal

This is a once in a life time opportunity to go to Egypt. This trip will last one month of fun and relaxing. Sights to see such as the Great Pyramids. At an amazing price of only 5 Aureus coins. But you must hurry because we can only give this deal to one person or family. In order to go on this amazing trip you must have all 5 Aureus coins in hand at our shop which is the 12th booth one on your right at the Forum.


One of our Roman soldiers recently stumbled into the Anglo Saxons base while on a mission in Europe ,so now we know where the biggest threat is located. We still don't know where the Huns or the Vandals are located. Our military leaders suspect an attack from one of them at any moment ,but don't worry our military is strong enough to keep them out.

Vote Augustus for Emperor

Augustus: If you vote for me I will make natural borders, make new buildings, have food drives for the poor, and I will change the taxes and laws to make them all fair. So vote me Augustus for Emperor of Rome.

Letter from Christians

Dear Editor of the Roman Update,

We are tired of our faith being illegal. Many of us have resorting to being a martyr for Christianity instead of living in fear that if you ever speak of it in public you will be killed. This needs to change and soon or some of us might start to rebel.

From, the Christian Community