Friday Focus

Friday, December 11, 2014

Word on Fire by Fr. Robert Barron

This is a wonderful--and very short--way to start your day. I subscribe to Fr. Barron's emails and get them every day during Advent and again during Lent. The one below is from Thursday. Be sure to scroll down and read some of the comments from others.

Wednesday Webinars

ESU #8 is providing Wednesday Webinars on a variety of educational topics. These sessions typically last 30 minutes of less and cover items such as Vocabulary Instruction, Google Classroom, and the difference between Accommodation and Modification.

The webinar for this past week was about the "Flipped Classroom" and it was done by Molly Aschoff. It contained good information about what a flipped classroom is as well as some concrete examples so teachers don't feel like they're starting from scratch.

The "live" webinars occur at 3:45pm each Wednesday, but they are all recorded and archived on line at

HS Staff--Thank you and Prayer Schedule

High School staff: Thank you for your suggestions about the teacher's lounge and how it can be improved and upgraded. I will pass all suggestions on to Carol Anderson later today. I know she is looking for ideas from you.

Also, we will again start our mornings with prayer during the second semester. We will move the day to Tuesday in hopes of a better turnout. We will meet in the campus ministry room at 7:50am to begin our day. The following staff members have volunteered to get us started. We can always use more; let me know if you'd like to lead prayer some Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, Jan. 13 Troy Berryman

Tuesday, Jan. 20 Pat Price

Tuesday, Jan. 27 Leisa Piper

Tuesday, Feb. 3 Mary Seier

Tweet of the Week

Check out the INCREDIBLE number of ideas, videos, websites, and apps that have been shared at #12daystwitter.

You can find all this valuable information in a few ways:

1. Log on to and simply type 12daystwitter into the search bar. You will see all the results from everyone who's used the #12daystwitter hashtag.

2. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can view the entire challenge and all the tweets using Mickie Mueller's Live Binders page. Click for Mickie's Live Binders page.

3. If you use a product like Hootsuite or TweetDeck (I love TweetDeck on my laptop to keep all my Twitter steams seperate), just search 12daystwitter and click "Add Column" at the bottom.

Video of the Week

I also like a lot. Check out this short video about why we celebrate Advent!

Have a great Friday and a terrific weekend!