Snapshot - Home Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We would like to continue to share the achievements of our students during this uncertain time. Each week we will include new ideas for students to do at home, news on competitions and updates from the home learning team. If you have done a piece of work you are really proud of and would like to share it in Snapshot next week, please email this to with the title of the email being 'snapshot' including a short description of your work, and we will choose a selection to share.

Gallery of Work:


Mr Lee has nominated the following students: Marli in year 10, for her dedication in completing the Hegarty Maths Clips set and the excellent assessment result for our module on Area and Perimeter. Anastasija in Year 9 for scoring 100% in her linear equations assessment. Well done to Myrtle and Dylan C for having completed over 50 Hegarty Maths clips in addition to their home learning booklets in these first 3 weeks.

Mrs Birch has nominated the following Year 10 students who either achieved 100% on their Geography Assignment or who, following initial feedback, resubmitted an improved answer: Ellie B, Carmen, Marli, Abbie A and Dagmara.

Mrs Rice has nominated Ana and Nikodem for detailed and well-structured speeches for their Year 9 English assignment this week.

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Marli, Katie, Klaudia and Ellie B for doing really well on their 9 mark sociology essay question. Fantastic effort from the girls in Year 10 Sociology.

Mr Strumpher has nominated the following for excellent marks in their Geography quizzes:

Year 7 students Mariyah, Jake and Marian. Year 8 students Kirsten, Szymon, Kian, Myrtle and Dylan C. Year 9 students Julia, Nikodem, James, Abigail, Gabriela, Nathan. Daisy, Jenna and Reese.

Mr Hall would like to say 'well done' to Year 9 student Anastasia for a fantastic History assignment.

The Science Team have sent the following nominations, Year 9 students Holly and Oscar (Separate Biology Year 9) did extremely well on their Biology Assignment. Holly achieved 14/15 and Oscar achieved 13/15. Year 10 Ashley completed his feedback straight away, even before Miss McGrath had finished marking the rest of the classes work. Year 8 student Faith did some excellent Animal Cell Revision.

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Weekly Winners:

April 6th – April 12th

Highest number students taking quizzes – 7TE & 7CO
Highest number of quizzes passed – 7TE
Highest number of words read – 7TE

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Focus Feature - DT and Art - "Pet Pigs" by Mrs Morgan

We left school in a hurry that Friday and went home…

What will I do with all this time at home? Easy, I thought, I would buy two guinea pigs.

By Sunday I had bought two little guinea pigs, then a cage, food, things for them to play with, a bowl, a water bottle and a run to put in the garden!

I then had a couple of messages…

Mr. Hirst had bought two Guinea pigs and Miss Blencowe had managed to acquire three! It looked like the creative department had a plan to beat the isolation blues (Mr. Harley told us his bees were enough).

I thought I would introduce you to the department pigs, they are keeping us occupied and we spend a lot of time texting each other to comment on the pigs and what they are doing...

New Skills

Jacson, Faith and Declan have been improving their cooking skills this week and have prepared chicken kievs, chocolate brownies and the most amazing cupcakes!

Apprenticeship News:

The March parent information pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is here:

It offers information and support for young people and parents who are considering an apprenticeship as their next step.