Mars location

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It is also the third smallest planet in our solar system.

How mars got its name

Mars is another name for the roman god of war. It is also called the red planet because of the iron oxide on the surface.


Its distance from the sun is 227,900,000 km. The surface radius is 3,390 km.

Its surface area is 144.8 million km². Now lets say you weighed 100g on earth, you would way 37.7g on mars

Life on mars

have you ever wondered if there is life on mars. Well these videos will give you a better idea.
Breaking News: Mars Suitable for Life
Here is just a little more on Yellowknife bay
NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Report -- March 15, 2013


Mars has a large barren rocky landscape. It also has the biggest volcano in the solar system going 24.1402 km high.
the small one is mount Everest and the bigger one is the mountain on mars, mout Olimpus.


We currently have two land rovers on mars, and three satilites orbiting planet.

Current event

In 2014 there is a 1/2,000 chance of an astroid hitting mars.