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Welcome Welcome Welcome...

I cannot tell you how excited I am that you decided to take this journey with me on what I believe is going to be one of the Top Direct Sales Companies in history.

We know that because O'Chalky is literally days old that there will be bumps in the road like any new startup but as long as we all stick together as a Team and work through all of it, we will all be part of shaping O'Chalky and be part of something that is going to be HUGE!

About Me

My name is Sarah Hudson and I am O'Chalky Creator #31 and Member of the Vision of Values Circle. I have been in Direct Sales for the past 6 years and built an International Team with my former company. Because I believe in O'Chalky so strongly I made a very difficult decision to leave my current company to help bring O'Chalky to the forefront and be a part of changing many Lives. I am so Excited to on this Journey with all of you! If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me :)

First Class Was A Hit!

First O'Chalky class was such a Blast!! Thank you Tracey Plympton for all your help :)

Webinar 3-16-15

To Access The Webinar Click Here Password: ochalky

Meeting Notes From Webinar 3-16-15

All signs that we get through the DIY kits will need the alligator teeth put on by us.

If you want a smooth finish, use sand paper with a 220 grit, or to rough it up use sand paper with a 80 grit.

Right now we have 4 stencil fonts available to order. As we grow, we will add more fonts.

Next Monday nights training will be with Whitney on our Beginner Kit and how to advertise it at our classes.

As of the call last night, we were at 70 Creators...Keep up the great work!

Buffy did a little bit of Hostess Coaching.

She books a class, and creates a Facebook Event and invites her hostess. You can then make your hostess an admin so that you both can post on the event.

Email the hostess a welcome letter

She gives her hostess a 2x3 plastic sealable baggie with some of That Chalky Mix plus adds her info on it, so her hostess can mess around before the class.

7-10 days before the party date, she has the hostess collect the DIY kit money from her friends that will be attending the class. She then orders the DIY Kits. If you choose not to order the DIY Kits, you still need to order the 5oz Chalky Mix and Paint Brushes for each attendee. Have it all shipped to the hostess so you do not have to lug everything to the class. All you need to take with you is the paint and your drop cloth or whatever you choose to use.

2 days before, contact your hostess, and final all of the details. Let her know when you'll arrive, etc.

When you're at your class, do not ask the participants to book a class, instead give them options. Example: Hey ladies, which night next month would you like to get some ladies together for a Girls Night Out and book your class?

Remember to be fun and imaginative.

Take pictures before, during and after classes and/or projects. Post them to the group page. Let everyone know what product you used and colors you used, and make sure to let everyone know if they can share your picture to show others how fun and simple O'Chalky is!

Whitney has all Creator kits caught up! Way to go Whitney!! Thank you for your endless hours!

Apron orders are going in on Friday. Make sure you email Buffy at buffy@ochalky.com to place your order.

If you need to ask Buffy, Whitney, Dan, or Mike any questions or about any issues you are having, please go through Buffy first by emailing them at buffy@ochalky.com

We will have 30 minute conference calls/training calls every Monday evening. So far they've been at 8:30pm EST, with the exception of this call that started at 9pm EST.

Happy Creations to you all!