Early Childhood Newsletter

August. 2019 ESC-Region 6

Welcome To a Great New School Year!


Don't be afraid to take on new challenges this year!

- Develop new and innovative teaching strategies

- Lead a professional development meeting

- Volunteer to be on a new committee

- Lead a school committee

- Incorporate more technology into your lessons

- Include more hands-on, real-life experiences

- Build stronger relationships with students and parents

- etc.

Your current knowledge, skill level, and abilities are just the starting point. No matter how long you have been teaching, you can and will continue to grow as an educator if you challenge yourself and continue to have a GROWTH MINDSET!

What are you going to do to strengthen your skills and support your growth mindset this year?



CLI Engage Announcements

1.If your school district has wanted to use CLI Engage for Pre-k Assessments, Kn Assessments, and/or for access to quality classroom activities- but you are not familiar with using this site, NOW IS THE TIME TO EXPLORE IT! ESC-Region 6 is holding a workshop on September 10th for learning to Navigate the CLI Website, how to administer the C.I.R.C.L.E. and TX KEA Assessments, how to run reports, etc. Click Here for More Information:

2. Enrollment is now open for uploading your teacher and student information into the CLI Data Base. Directions can be found HERE:

3. Did you know that if your school district uses the TxEIS System for PEIMS Reporting, ESC6 can upload your teacher and student data into the C.I.R.C.L.E. and/or TXKEA Data Base for you? Contact Dara Fuller at dfuller@esc6.net or (936)435-8313.

4. State Requirements for Pre-K and Kindergarten Assessments and Reporting:

  • Pre-K- Beginning of Year and End of Year are required- (middle of the year is optional)
  • Kindergarten- Beginning of Year Assessment only is required.

If your school district is interested in progress monitoring your students more often, please submit a help ticket to CLI Engage to make that request. Go to www.texasschoolready.org/help.

5. CLI Beginning of the Year (BOY) Assessments (Wave 1) for Pre-K and Kindergarten may begin as soon as all enrollment information has been uploaded. All BOY Assessments must be completed by the end of October.

6. IMPORTANT: To find out the 2019-2020 Required Subject Areas that must be assessed for ECDS State Reporting for Pre-K and Kindergarten, click below:


Is Your School Transitioning from Half Day to Whole Day Pre-K? -- Relax, We've Got This!

Change can be difficult, but this change does not have to be! Join us on Sept 17th for a workshop to learn tips and tricks for developing an efficient full-day schedule, designing quality lesson plans, and making the best use of every moment to create a smooth and highly effective full-day Pre-K classroom.

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The Teaching and Learning Department at ESC-Region 6 now has a Facebook Page!

We invite you to LIKE our page and keep up with the latest news, events, and current workshop listings!

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There is a brand new resource for Pre-K teachers! ESC-Region 6 is now offering the Pre-K Outcomes Framework. The Pre-K Outcomes Framework assists Pre-K Teachers in unpacking the Texas Pre-K Guidelines and assists them in creating developmentally appropriate, high-quality lessons in each of the four core content areas. The Pre-K Outcomes Framework provides an annual overview, clear and concise planning guides, recommended timelines, materials list, activity suggestions, and a vocabulary list for each unit. Furthermore, it provides short authentic assessments for monitoring student growth along the way. Talk to your Administrators about the possibility of using this great new resource this year!

For More Information Click HERE


Wouldn't It Be Great If You Had Access to Every Workshop Offered by the Early Childhood Department at ESC-Region 6 at no additional cost?!

Encourage your School District Officials to join the Early Childhood Collaborative!

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HB3 Has Made a Strong Committment to Increase Literacy in the Lower Grades. Are you Prepared to Meet that Challenge?

Join us on Sept. 19th for a learning journey as we set sail to discover the treasures of phonological awareness and phonics in your Pre-K through 2nd-grade classroom. In this workshop, participants will learn research-based and effective ways to implement foundational literacy skills. This session will cover phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, graphemes and phonemes, basic phonics, and the six syllable types. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage and create multiple activities to take back to their classroom. Don't miss this great opportunity jump aboard this important learning journey!

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