Goals for my students

Anthony Muniz

My School

There are ELL students at my school, Contemporary Learning Academy MS, from which 8 are Spanish speakers. My school, which is part of Denver Public School, is designated as an ELA-E school. This means that students receive supported English content instruction and English language development services. Here is an overview of students' ACCESS scores:

Total of students: 9

Student & ACCESS Score

Student 1 - 3

Student 2 - 3

Student 3 - 4

Student 4 - 3

Student 5 - 2

Student 6 - 3

Student 7 - 4

Student 8 - 3

Student 9 - 4

In order to help my students achieve success in the classroom, I created the following goals based on the theories we have studied in this course:

  • Promote and reinforce use of first language when acquiring the second language (English). This will build confidence in my students that will motivate him/her to acquire and use the target language and at the same time, it will prevent loss of first language, which it is vital to maintain in order to preserve cultural identity. (Based on research done by Hakuta and D’Andrea, Wong Fillmore, and Valdés on Language Loss in Children)
  • Create an educational environment in which my students feel comfortable and confident. This will lower tension among them and will allow them to acquire the English language. (Based on Krashen’s Affective Filter Theory)
  • Provide students with educational activities and experiences that will help them build age appropriate competence in both languages. This would lead my students to benefit from the positive cognitive advantages that bilingualism provides. (Based on Cummins and Toukomaa & Skutnabb-Kangas Thresholds Theory)