November 6th ERPD


Today's Learning Targets:

  • I can use data from various sources to create purposeful groups.
  • I can connect the differentiation process to PDSA, RtI, and the 5 learning centered questions.
  • I can locate/create instructional materials to meet the needs of each group.
  • I can articulate my grade level's section of the vertical planner through the use of the vertical planner document.
  • I can use effective group management strategies in my classroom.
  • I can form groups using different inventories, modalities, surveys, etc.

Re-visit Blended Learning Rubric

Identifying data and gap areas to further develop.

District Data

Choice Station (1 hour)

o Bring your latest data (benchmark student data or their classroom formative assessment student data) to create groups. Find resources on Homebase and other sites to differentiate the content for the different groups

o Create differentiated groups based on your Aimsweb/core phonic data- the strategy you are committing to implement could be what you do with certain students in a particular group

o Score a class set of OE responses (and get a 2nd scorer) and you could use this data to create the differentiated groups and find content for the students to remediate or enrich.

o Create a formative assessment to be given to your students the following week and create a plan for differentiating groups (once you get the data from the assessment, then plug the student names into the plan).

o Update or create unit planner/s based on the Next Chapter changes for stage one section.

Digital Ethics Modules

Look at the "Flipped Module Plan" and determine whether or not you will participate in the group sessions, or if you will complete them independently.

(Link to Document)

Teacher Facilitated Stations

Weebly ( Really Blendspace): Main Hall Computer Lab

Feedback, Data, Informational Text: Mitchell's Blended Learning Lab

Go Animate: Henning's Room

Learning Styles: Campbell's Room

Making Connections

Re-visit Connections Between RtI, IB, BL, and ISS Model

Vertical Planner Document Session (1 hour)

Download this Google Doc as a MS Word Document and add your information and email it to Keeley before you leave today.

Minimal Expectation

Incorporate purposeful small groups and/or stations twice per week. (For us on A/B Schedule that means twice per two weeks)

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