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My top 3

Here are my top three free web tools in each category. This was not an easy list to compile and I may change it as time goes on but I thought a concise list like this was an easy reference for teachers who are looking for the short list of tools to use in their classroom.

Instead of Power Point...

Video Tools

Digital Storytelling


Audio Tools



Comic Creation Tools

Talking Avatars

Word Cloud Creators

Extra Cheese - Cool Tools

Slideshow Tools

(ok, I cheated...I couldn't narrow it down to 3)

What Did I Miss?

If you think there is a tool or category I have overlooked please let me know. I am trying to pick the top 3 tools in each category based on my experience with them. I know there are hundreds of tools out there and I haven't been able to try all of them out. Please tweet me your suggestions @jbhaze. Thanks!

by Jessica Jundef

K-8 Technology Coordinator, 21st Century Learning Consultant, Graphic Artist, Librarian, TVaholic, Tech Geek, Mom