My Dream Team

All about Preston

Preston was born on November 12, 2001.He was born in San Antonio,Texas.When he was 5 he went to Bulverde Creek Elementary School and that's where it all started.He was a very handsome looking boy and also very smart.In second grade he wrote a 7 page story top to bottom about a witch,a mummy and Frankenstein.In third grade he tried out for GT but unluckily failed.But in 5th grade he got another chance to try out.So Preston tried out and got a note home saying that he passed.From then on that meant he was in GT.He was so happy he kept saying yes all the way home.

Where to meet Preston

You can meet Preston live at the River walk in San Antonio.You can ask him anything you want and he will show you all of his dream team members for just 14.99.

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