Healthy or Unhealthy?

By: Haley

Did you know that when people say "Oh! Our food is so healthy and natural!" It's not always that good for you, lots of companies say that just to get more buyers. In this paper you will learn about some "Healthy" foods that aren't that healthy.


There are many foods that are bad for you and your own health. First, Cereal (mostly for younger kids) is bad for you because all the sugary and fat, plus they take out what is most needed for you.


There are many foods that are better for you and your health, some as in grapefruit, tomatoes, and cucumbers, here is why. First, grapefruit is good for you because it helps boost your liver. Then, tomatoes are good because they have Vitamin C. Last, cucumbers help you hydrate your body.

It's important to keep healthy so you can keep your body strong and feeling good, and you'll even have a higher chance of living longer!