Linda Vista View

September 2021

September Events

1 - Fall Picture day

6 - Labor Day Holiday

10 - Patriot Day Event

17 - Constitution Day

21 - PTA Meeting @ 8:30am via Zoom (link to follow)

From the Lunchroom:

CLICK HERE to view the September Lunch menu.

Please take a few minutes to complete the link to the Alternative Funding Application for nutrition services.

From the Library:

All students in TK-2nd grade will be receiving new iPads shortly. They will be assigned to each student & will be in safe cases. Please be sure to keep the charger at home and send the iPad to school each day fully charged.

All students in 3rd-6th grade will be receiving Dynabook laptops (if they don't already have one). Please keep the chargers at home and bring the device to school each day fully charged.

Here is a link to the Student Handbook for technology (also on the required documents in the parent portal data confirmation process), including guidance for care of the device, repair costs, and information for insurance, should you want to take advantage of it.

Technology Handbook

From the Grade Level Teams:

TK - Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and is ready to tackle a great year. I’m very proud of my TK students who are back with a good attitude of ready to learn. So far, we have no criers or runners and I’m so grateful for that! Students are very much ready to be back with in-person learning.

I would like to inform you of our focuses for trimester one. We will be learning to recognize and write our own names, learning the routines, classroom rules, and recognizing our emotions through behavior and self-regulation. As for math, we will be learning how to count and recognize numbers, sorting, patterning, and comparing heights and lengths of objects.

In addition, we will be covering three themes in our program of Three Cheers for Pre-K: Theme 1-Hello School (How do we learn and play at school?), Theme 2-Marvelous Me! (What makes me special?), and Theme 3-Look Outside (How are the seasons different?). There will be alphabet knowledge review daily to ensure mastery by the end of the year. The centers will be presented daily as well where students can learn through purposeful playing, peer interaction, and developing independence.

In closing, all the TK students are very eager to learn and each has an awesome growth mindset. I’m excited that your child is in my class and I’m looking forward to working closely with you to create an exceptional year of learning.

Kindergarten - It’s wonderful being in class with a room full of students! As so many of our young students have not attended school previously this has also brought new challenges. But just like always we start kindergarten by learning our three most important rules; Be safe! Be kind! Be responsible! By practicing these rules daily through song, play and practice we create a nurturing learning environment that embraces all learning styles. Academically, learning starts through what’s most important to the students; themselves! We learn to write our names, count the letters, and draw our lives. We then build from there to include family, community and our larger world. Organically social studies, science and math are woven throughout the day, with the focus on how they relate to the students' lives. All in all, kindergarten is an exciting place to be.

1st grade - We are slowly settling in to our First Grade routines by learning our classroom expectations such as using hand signals and following classroom rules.

We enjoyed getting to know one another by sharing our Paper Bag Biographies. Students shared 5 things about who they are and what they like. The students got creative with photos, drawings and objects to represent themselves.

Our class is looking forward to beginning PE with Coach Joel, Sports in Schools and Library with Mrs. McCausland.

We are looking forward to a GREAT First Grade Year!

2nd grade - Second Grade is off to an amazing start! We began the year discussing both class and individual goals. After much discussion, each student set a first trimester goal. This goal could be academic or behavioral. We are looking forward to challenging ourselves and revisiting these goals to see our growth! We are focusing on our reading this year and are learning how to choose “Good Fit Books”. This means that students are picking books with P-purpose (Why do I want to read this book?), I-interest (Do I like this book?), C-comprehension (Do I understand this book?), and K-know (Do I know most of the words?). With this is mind, students are choosing books and will be taking quizzes on Reading Counts. The goal for Second Grade is 20 points this trimester. Our classes have been working hard and we know we will have amazing results!

3rd grade - Our 3rd graders are off to a great start! We have spent time learning about our classmates and creating a special family community. Third grade focuses on using important comprehension skills and strategies, such as visualizing, sequencing, and asking questions, in order to further develop our reading abilities.We will be writing strong paragraphs with details and including topic and conclusion sentences. First trimester of math focuses on different ways to write numbers. We will also be practicing different strategies to add and subtract, such as using mental math and place value.We will be exploring the topic of Force and Motion using hands-on experiments with magnets during science time. During Social Studies, we will study the topics of being a good digital citizen. We will also learn about our local, state and national governments. We are so excited for a new year and to be on-campus with our friends! We can’t wait to learn new things!

4th grade - We are off to a great start in 4th grade! We have been busy getting to know each other and creating our classroom family. Students are also carefully and purposefully being taught the proper procedures of completing assignments/homework, as well as our expectations of them, in order to get them off to a great start. Organization of their materials and communication with their parents and their teacher are key, and the students are learning just that. Developing good habits as an upper grade student is very important, and we believe they are up for the challenge!

Along with learning basic classroom procedures this trimester, 4th graders will be busy learning key concepts as well. In math, knowing their multiplication facts is key. We will begin reviewing basic multiplication and division facts, then move onto multiplying 1-digit by 2-digit numbers (24 X 3) , place value with larger digits will be introduced, then adding and subtracting with larger numbers.

In language arts, we will be reading different types of genres and learning how to recognize the theme (the message), problem/solution, cause and effect, and many other text structures in stories. We will also be having fun with figurative language, grammar with our mentor sentences, and narrative and informational writing.

In science, students will be introduced to how we can harness energy from the sun and other sources to prevent our fictional town from having reoccurring blackouts. Lots of hands-on activities will help to make this concept one of their favorites!

In social studies, 4th graders get to learn all about California! We will begin learning all about the geography of California. This will include understanding the 4 main regions of California, how cardinal and intermediate directions work, as well as how to find the longitude and latitude of an area.

So, here we go…upward and onward to a great school year!

5th grade - Happy Fall Y’all!

August flew by us! Fifth graders are working hard to complete our first novel study, Earthquake Terror. Our students have loved this thrilling and suspenseful story, which has allowed us to analyze the changes that the characters made over time. We also dove into plot structure and theme, character conflicts, and lots of figurative language. We will apply what we have learned in our novel study to our first units in language arts as we work towards discovering the big idea: What does it take to accomplish a goal? We are looking forward to creating some spooky, narrative writing stories in October, followed by things we are thankful for in November. Our grade level Reading Counts goal for the first trimester is 50 points.

We are very busy mathematicians practicing and reviewing geometry concepts and classifying quadrilaterals. We will be moving onto place value with adding & subtracting decimals and multiplying & dividing 2-digit-by-2-digit numbers in October/November. We highly encourage our fifth graders to continue practicing their math facts and place value in not only the classroom, but also at home using IReady.

In social studies, we dove head first into our new adoption, America’s Past, and are learning all about the geography and land features of North America. We have been reviewing key terms such as longitude, latitude compass rose, migration, and adaptation. Our students will be analyzing how geography affects where people live and how the Native Americans of North America adapted to their environment, to round out the first trimester. We will be applying our knowledge from geography to our unit 1 in science, Patterns of Earth and Sky. It explores our galaxy and our relative and absolute locations in space.

Fifth graders are civic leadership learners! We will be participating in a school-wide celebration of Constitution Day in September and will be honoring all our dedicated service men and women, past and present, with our Veterans Day program in November. We hope to be able to visit the Field of Valor with our students to view the flags honoring our Veterans.

It will be a great first trimester. We are glad to be here in person!

6th grade - Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year. It is so nice to teach all students in class with no Plexiglas. We have truly enjoyed getting to know all students these past few weeks. Thank you for all parents who attended Back to School Night, we know that this year will be truly spectacular and much different from last year. In sixth grade, we have started the year off with a novel study, reading Maroo of The Winter Caves. Maroo is a story about a young girl and her Nomadic family traveling and surviving during the Ice Age. This is a great book to start the year off because it gives us a glimpse into ancient civilizations.

In Social Studies, we started using our new series TCI. We are exploring Ancient Egypt, Kush, and Canaan, learning all about geography, Pharaohs, daily life in Ancient Egypt, as well as learning about the different kingdoms. Math we started off with Topic 4 which is learning all about Achieving Fluency using decimals and place value. Students will move on to learn about division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

We are excited that VAPA is back in person and so are the students. We have also started in person library with Mrs. McCausland weekly. It is so nice to get things back “to normal.” New this school year is our PE program. The district has provided us with a program called Sports For Learning (SEL). Two coaches will come to school once a week and provide not only a physical education but an emotional one as well. In addition to this new program, we are fortunate to still have Coach Joel once a week. We are looking forward to a fun, exciting, and challenging first trimester.

Need Upper grade homework help?

Just a reminder that our 4th-6th grade students have access to Paper Education on their OUSD Dashboard. Paper Education offers 24 hour student tutoring and homework help. The Tutors have been cleared through a background check and trained to help students find the answer without giving the answer to them. Students can also use this resource for editing and proofreading when writing an essay. Ask your child's teacher if you have further questions.

Campus Updates

Dress Code Reminder

As the weather is still quite warm, please be sure your child is wearing shoes that completely cover their toes, so that they are safe. This helps avoid tripping on the playground & stubbed toes, which are so painful!


If you have a concern regarding the State or Federal laws and regulations, please see the link to the district site sharing the Uniform Complaint Procedure process: