The Raymond's Run Lesson

By: Toni Cade Bambara

Raymond's Run

Read about Squeaky, a young, black girl living in brooklyn, NY. She is the fastest runner in the neiborhood. She has never lost a race, so she is very confident exccept that there's the new girl, Gretchen. She is confident too, will Squeaky win? Read on to find out.

Squeaky's brother

Squeaky has a brother, Raymond. He sufers from hydrocephlus, a deciese were water floods the brain.

Mayday race

The race is about to begin, Ready, Go! Squeaky is off like a fart in the wind. She is ahead of all the other racers then she looks and sees Raymond running to her left and she relizes that he has talent. she wins the race and dicides she going to use her skill to help him become a racer.