Henry's Freedom Box / Orange Shoes

By:Mala'ika Akida

Differences between Henry and Delly (main characters)

Slavery goes on in Henry:s Freedom Box, but Orange shoes is more dealing with Delly's orange shoes. Also Delly in Orange shoes puts her shoes in her box and enters it in a contest, but Henry goes in his box and gets mailed to another state. Another difference is that of course Delly is a girl and Henry is a boy. Delly wears no shoes to go to school at the beginning of the story but, Henry does not go to school and he always wears shoes.Henry grew up and got married but, Delly stays as a kid and gets teased in school. Those are differences between those two characters.

Similarities between Delly and Henry (main characters)

In both stories the main characters both use boxes for something. Both stories are fiction as you know already because I am compare and contrasting two fiction books. Another reason they are alike is that in the beginning of both stories the main characters are both kids. Also there are alike because Henry and Delly are both the main characters of each of the stories. Those were some of the similarities between the main characters in both of those stories.

Some More Similarities and Differences

Just One More Difference

Differences between the events of the stories

Delly gets teased in school, but on the other hand Henry does not, but his family gets sold but Delly's family does not because slavery does not go on in the book "Orange Shoes." Henry hurts his hand so his owner won't let him work but Delly never hurts her self in Orange Shoes. Delly walks to school barefoot, but Henry does not walk enywhere barefoot.Those are some differences between the events of those two stories.

Picture for events in the book "Orange Shoes."