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Durant Road Elementary

In this Issue:

  • Track Out
  • Technology Trainings
  • Donated ink-Free
  • Laptop and Ipad Chargers
  • Email- Lower your quota usage - Saving emails to pdf
  • Monitor Upside down or sideways? Let's not tell the kids....
  • Noise Control
  • Password Storage

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Track Out

My next Track Out is from Feb 2 - 11

Have an Idea for a Training?

Thursday, Jan. 1st, 9am

Grade Level Meeting/ Before or After School/ Planning/ Push into Classroom

If your grade level or most of your grade level has an interest in something specific and would like a training from me (if I'm familiar with the technology) OR would like to be contact a representative, find someone else on our staff, or find somehow to bring in a 'guru' I will try my best. Just let me know! Technology works best when we know how to use it!

Whole Class Lessons

Thursday, Jan. 1st, 8am

your classroom

Is there something you want your students to learn technology related? Let me know! If it's something that involves direct instruction (not the lab) I can push in to classes teaching lessons such as Board Builder, Researching, Citing Sources, Putting together Presentations, QR Codes, IPAD basics, etc.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

A Virtual Reading Experience with Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Thursday, Jan. 29th, 11pm


Former First Lady Barbara Bush chose the book “Rushmore” by Lynn Curlee so students can learn the story behind this national treasure, from the engineering feat of building the landmark to its historical significance.

Mr. Hall Davidson of Discovery Education will demonstrate how to experiment with and use computer-generated, augmented reality. During the program, students from Houston Independent School District and Bryan Independent School District will present their own content to digitally enhance the book "Rushmore." Don't miss Mount Rushmore coming alive!

The program will also include music by the Texas A&M University Singing Cadets.

Thursday, January 29th 11:00 - 12:15 PM (EST)

If you're interested, please RSVP

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

The Ins & Outs of BrainPOP webinar

The Ins & Outs of BrainPOP
Wednesday, February 4th • 3:30 pm ET
Register • Password: moby

Whether you're a BrainPOP newbie or a veteran in need of a refresher, we've got you covered. Join us for an overview webinar exploring the ins and outs of BrainPOP. We'll cover a range of features including the online games portal GameUp; My BrainPOP, which lets you track student learning; and the Mixer, so you can customize our assessments. You'll also hear best practices for engaging students and encouraging active involvement so you can make the most out of your BrainPOP subscription.


FREE: Donated ink up for grabs

There is a box of ink in my office that doesn't go with any of our wcpss printers. If any of the ink goes with your home printer please feel free to take it. This is what there is...

HP: 88xl, 44, 26, 11, 27, 28, 60, 23, 10, 901, 15, 29, 564xl, 56, 57, 901 color, 901XL

Epson: 60, T007 201

Broken Items- don't throw away.

The county pays extra to get really nice Lenovo support and warranties and we pay for Apple Care plans. These cover broken chargers and chargers that 'wear' more than they should with normal use. Often I can get them replaced for FREE. But only if I have the original to send back to the company. PLEASE don't throw a broken charger away. If something doesn't work, let me know and put the broken item in my box. Thank you.

Creating more Space in your Lotus Notes Email

The following two videos show how to

1) delete emails to create more space

2) save emails as pdf so you can delete them from your inbox and save them elsewhere

Creating space in Lotus Notes
Saving Email as PDF

Monitor Upside down or Sideways?

Sometimes kids accidentally turn the monitor image, some of the older ones know how to do it on purpose and think it's funny - please don't let them do this in the lab. Either way, please don't show them how to do this, between learning how to change the wall paper and monitor image - it can be frustrating for the next teacher or Kindergarten student who is using the computer.

To turn the monitor image (or un-turn it) press

Control + Alt + the up arrow key ... the down arrow key would turn it upside down, etc.

You have to log in first for this to work, it won't work when on the Window Log In screen.

Noise Control

Want students to self monitor their noise level in the classroom? Try one of these fun websites that, with your laptop microphone, monitors the noise level in classrooms. (no log in or account needed- FREE) (no log in or account needed- FREE)

There are APPS that do this as well!

FLEXADEX & other password storage ideas

Sticky notes everywhere? Tired of clicking- lost password?- and having to change it for the ump-teeth time. There are many password websites out there where you can store passwords. I personally use Flexadex because it's very simplistic and I can use it for more than password storage (I can copy and paste email messages, important information, website reviews, phone numbers or other contact info, past experience ordering something from a company, etc. into the main body) Besides being able to find things alphabetically, I can tag any entry with school, personal, technology, vacation and search by tags. The best part, I believe, is I can export an excel spreadsheet of all my information as a backup, because the number one rule of technology is "Always have a Back Up!"

Other FREE Password options are the WCPSS recommended , and LastPass

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