Honors U.S. History News Letter

By Mr. Ball, Vol. 1, Issue 7, 11/14/15

What we've done the past two weeks

- Monday, 11/2 - We discussed arguments for and against U.S. Imperialism.

- Tuesday, 11/3 - We learned about the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Cuba and discussed how Yellow Journalism fueled the American public's want to retaliate against Spain.

- Wednesday, 11/4 - We began learning about the causes of the Spanish-American War.

- Thursday, 11/5 - We were in the Career Center and we received a presentation from Ms. Valentine on the resources that the guidance team has for students at Howard, and we began training on Naviance, a web based program that helps students prepare for college and career.

- Friday, 11/6 - We completed our lesson on the causes of the Spanish American War

- Monday, 11/9 - Were in the computer lab using Canvas and PowerPoint to learn about why the U.S. annexed Hawaii.

- Tuesday, 11/10 - We learned about the actions that the United States took to control the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.

- Wednesday, 11/11 - In recognition of Veterans Day Mr. Ball gave a presentation about his experience in the Army.

- Thursday, 11/12 - We learned about the "Imperial Presidents" and their differing foreign policies during the imperialism era.

- Friday, 11/13 - We took our test on U.S. Imperialism

Please ask your student about any and all of these topics. They are experts!

Upcoming Events & Topics

Current Topic

World War I

During this unit we will focus on the causes of World War I, where the war was fought, arguments for and against the United States entering the war, the soldier's experience during the war, the impact the war had on the home-front, and the conclusion of the war.

World War I Test

Our fifth test is scheduled for Wednesday, December 2 and covers our current unit. Students will receive a review guide Monday, November 16.

NHD Update

Exploration, Encounter, & Exchange

Our next milestone is due Tuesday, December 1. The requirement is for students to gather 12 quotations from their sources and to describe how those quotes support their thesis. The quotes should come from a variety of their sources. We will take some time in class over the next week to go over notecards. The blank notecard template is on our Canvas page.

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