Hawks' Weekly Update


Principal's Note

Hawks’ Weekly Update #5

Parents and Guardians,

It was a great first, full week at Shadow Hills. Teachers have done a great job building community and establishing routines. The academic rigor will begin to increase as the teachers begin to prioritize utilizing the district-adopted curriculum to meet the standards of the State of California.

It was a joy to see the excitement of the students who were visited by Luis Gomez who is teaching coding, robotics, and scientific gardening through our Wheel of Experts program. This week classes will begin music instruction with the talented Tracy Rabasco. Please see their bios below.

Thursday night was a special night that I do not want to take for granted. I really got a sense of the community, and I am proud to now be a part of it. A few thoughts I had about the evening:

  1. The turnout of parents and guardians was tremendous. In addition, the enthusiasm and support of our teachers was clear.

  2. The professionalism of our teaching staff was on full display. I have had so many people reach out to me to tell me how helpful the presentations were to get to know the teachers and stay informed about our Dual Language Program, and our school in general.

  3. Shadow Hills’ PTA Leadership team is tremendous. The PTA is all of us. The board members make tremendous sacrifices for the good of our community. This may not be the way we all want to participate in PTA, but we can contribute by purchasing memberships and volunteering for various events and committees.

Thank you all for being there and supporting our kids and teachers,

Best wishes,

Pete Selleck

Principal Shadow Hills Elementary


Safety During Morning Drop-Off

Please pull as far forward as possible

Parallel parking can be a real challenge. When you add in the variables of cars moving in and out from the curb, and little ones that can be unpredictable getting out of their cars, there is the potential to increase the levels of stress in our environment. Let's work at keeping everyone safe and stress-free by pulling as far forward all the way down to the south end of the parking lot. The kids can walk along the sidewalk. If you would like to sit in your car longer and watch the kids enter the gates, please consider parking in a space and not along the curb.

More Safety in the Morning

We are attempting to implement a change starting Monday. The majority of the students in grades 2-5 have established places where they will line up and meet their teachers when the bell rings at 8:45 a.m. The goal of this change is the prevention of students being near the classrooms unsupervised. First graders and students in rooms 5, 6, and 9 may continue to meet their teachers at the door of their classrooms.


The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a vital educational tool designed to engage parents and guardians in shaping the priorities, goals, and resource allocation within Alpine Union School District. Developed annually, the LCAP reflects the District's commitment to student success and equity. By fostering collaboration between educators, administrators, and families, the LCAP aims to enhance educational outcomes, promote transparency, and ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for future success. AUSD has developed three LCAP goals as described below:

Goal #1: Effective Instruction and Curriculum - Provide equitable access to high-quality classroom curriculum and instruction in an inclusive environment that promotes student success.

Goal #2: Safe and Respectful Environments - Ensure all school sites are safe and have healthy and welcoming climates for staff, students, and their families so that all students feel connected and are motivated to attend and ready to learn.

Goal #3: Equitable and Culturally Responsible Systems - Ensure systems and processes eliminate barriers to student success and are equitable and culturally responsive to the needs of our students and their families
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Music Program

My name is Tracy Battino Rabasco. I grew up in northern California and studied Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. I love being outdoors, hiking, backpacking, paddle boarding, skiing and playing music. Throughout high school, college and beyond I played competitive tennis, climbed, worked at a bicycle shop, raced bikes, backpacked for 43 days straight on 200 miles of the John Muir Trail and built a log cabin by hand in Alaska over 5 summers. I have been blessed with one compassionate daughter who had wonderful teachers at Alpine Elementary and Joan MacQueen and is currently a senior at West Hills High School. We have a sweet pup, Bear and two soulful kitties, Indy and Boo.

I spent 24 amazing years teaching math/science and started up the band and trash can percussion at Joan MacQueen. My years with JMMS band and drums have been some of the most rewarding times in my career! Every student who has come through the program at JMMS has made musical progress and made an imprint on my heart- I truly hope each of my past students are still playing or listening or passing on their musical expertise to others!

The clarinet was my first instrument learned, starting in the 3rd grade. In Junior high, I learned the alto saxophone and trumpet inorder to be in the jazz band. I joined a community marching band from grade 6 through high school, we traveled the west coast and were the west coast champions; “The Spirit of Sunnyvale”. Being part of that band gave me many incredible years of playing music, being part of a group, forming strong friendships and having that musical creative outlet- which is what I strive to provide to my students.

I currently play clarinet with the San Diego Concert Band, and I am so honored to be living my dream of teaching music!
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Bus Transportation

Dismissal Time and Pick Up

Students are dismissed at 3:02 pm. Cars line up in two rows. Students walk between rows. All cars are released once students have reached their vehicles. School staff uses radio to communicate when a child's ride has reached the group of cars ready to load. Please take care to only move the vehicle once school staff signals that it is safe to do so.

Upcoming Events

College Day

Monday, August 28 (Every Monday)

Wear your college t-shirt or sweatshirt

Alpine Spirit Day

Friday, September 1 (Every Friday)

Wear your Shadow Hills T-shirt

Labor Day

Monday, September 4

No School

Next Early Dismissal Day

Wednesday, September 6@ 2:02 pm

Picture Day

Friday, September 8